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  1. I am 17 and have had acne for about 4-5 years now, it was just facial acne up until a year ago when I started weight training, and got it all over my back, Ive tried taking showers right after workout, proactive, antibiotics, the usual. However I am thinking my acne is due to hormones, though I do get extremely oily skin, anything I can do besides accutane?
  2. My back used to be clear up until a year ago when I started weight lifting, I would guess that took my already high hormone levels, higher, and gave me a pretty bad case of bacne, I will try laying out in the sun for a while from now on, my parents always say my face looks a lot better after I get some sun, hopefully it helps me back. Yes I knwo about skin cancer, but a hour of natural sun I can't imagine would give you cancer, if that was true, how come anyone our ancesters didn't all die of sk
  3. Since I was about 12 I have always had I suspose moderate-servere acne, its nothing too horrible, I don't look like a steroid/acne horror story, but its bad enough to bother me, ive been on antibiotics topical stuff, so on, and accutane was my only other choice. However I do remember a couple years ago I used a benzoyl peroxide soap bar for a week when moving, and my face seemed to be a bit better, then I started weight training, and got a pretty bad case of bacne. Then I read about the re