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  1. i diddnt read what you said about toothpaste but i have a mate that puts toothpaste on his spots and it clears him up straight away ... weird .. you from northampton 2 ? must b a crazy thing down south england no ?
  2. Im 19 from Manchester Uk, but im at Bradford uni doing ELECTRONIC IMAGING AND MEDIA COMMUNICATION. System.out.println("Java programming exam "); and i failed miserably so i can look forward to re-sits in August. What about you ?
  3. well almost. I find it hard to believe that its because of the accutane tabs cos i never heard of it working so fast but my face is looking good .. im clear bar 2 spots .. 1 real nasty syst under my eye thats been their for ages and on spot that im sure will be gone in a couple of days. Iv been drinking lots of water and been on a no fat diet but iv been eating lots of sugary shit. My back is still real bad but my chest is improving. Just 8 days ago my derm said my face looks like shit. Iv exper
  4. well good luck to you .. good to hear its going well .. :-/
  5. thanks chicklet .. hey how is the course going ?
  6. hey danm i live in manchester 2 but im at bradford at the mo in uni .. i got refered to a derm by my gp .. that took 2 months then my derm made me wait 3 months for a blood test cos apparently he was "busy" .. i couldnt believe it, i went in there the day b4 yesterday and it took about 3 n a 1/2 mins for him to give me my pescription of accutane.. i was like "i cant believe you made me wait 3 months for that when u coulda done it last time i saw you" and like i said i got no advice all i got w
  7. my derm is not at all helpfull. he perscribed me accutane and booted me out the door. I dont know what products i need to calm the side effects. dry skin, lips, nose etc what do you use and i dont buy online, so boots local pharmacists etc .. thanks a lot :-s
  8. honestly. i never get whiteheads and i have lots .. the skin on my nose and forehead is peeling and my lips are peeling even tho im using loads of vaseline. i took my 2nd dose.. thats 8 tablets already.. maybe its because im on 65 mg.. i dont think im having an illergic reaction cos i dont feel any pain .. my face feels normal it just doesnt look normal .. the sickness was prob something else .. p.s. is it advisable to drink alcohol ? .. i drank lots last night (day 1) maybe it diddnt help.
  9. iv only taken my 1st day of tablets. my derm told me 65 mg daily. my acne was mild till i was on the regimen now its moderate so im not sure if this does is 2 high or not. today i woke up and my skin/lips is getting dry my eyes are red and sore and watering iv got lots of new whiteheads and i feel sick. Not at all fazed by this but come on i thought it would b a while b4 the side effects kicked in.
  10. its taken my derm 4 months to fit me in for my blood test .. i wish it was only 3 weeks .. England sux
  11. last year i was doing nothing and my acne was v mild. i still went to my doctor who refered me to a derm. Because my doctor thought it was seriouse enough for me to be refered i became paranoid and i went in search for something else and found the regimen. My derm said he would put me on ro-accutane but it would be a 5 month waiting list (i have my blood tests tomorrow WOOT) so yeah i started the regimen because 5 months seemed ages away. I saw results but i got bad systic acne which id never ha
  12. Because their would be no more competition, the market is HUGE, they could sell the product for however much they wanted, their recognition would lead to highes sales on any other product they sell or produce, chances are 1/2 of the company have acne and the other half's other half has it. I dont believe that a cure would be witheld. But thats just my opinion.
  13. thats the most stupid comparison iv ever heard lol .. no disprespect but your saying only obese people eat ?
  14. i think mine started when i was about 15 .. im 19 now and i still have it .. my dad grew out of it when he was 22 .. im starting ro-accutane in 2 weeks .. hopefully it will kill my acne sooner ..
  15. ooops chattin ain wrong forum well regime is going ok .. im just tryin 2 controll my acne now till i go on accutane .. hope ur all well