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    Hi everyone! I have been trying to clear my skin since I was 12...I am 25 now- Accutane helped for about 3 years but then they came back...I Just recently started the regimen so we'll see what happens. :)

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  1. i did 2 courses and I don't think I would do another- it is so much to handle...but I love my results
  2. lighteyes20


  3. my god- it does make the flaky's go away but it makes me so oily really fast and I can't deal with it. Any other suggestions? most break me out so it is a problem.
  4. I like Bobbi Brown sunless tanner- it says oil free and non acnegenic.
  5. I thought my skin was clearing but now it looks bad again-I am doing it correctly...Could be because it is that time of the month. But should I continue or try something else? It should have been cleared my now I would think.
  6. It got really good for awhile but still breaking out...how long to see almost all clear? my forehead is so clear but my jaw area, chin and cheeks is not good I will keep doing the regimen though
  7. is the baking soda supposed to sting when you apply it?- it did for me
  8. I don't know but I am 25 and never grew out of it and I've had it since I was 12..I have a feeling I will be dependant on it for a loooooong time.
  9. The eucerin pore purifying wash is my holy grail- it is the best!
  10. when do you use this? do you put it on under your other acne medication? and what if it causes more acne to come while clearing the old red marks? I have a tube of this but I am worried about using it.
  11. tanning may temporarily clear your skin but in the long run, you are just making it worse. I really suggest you stop tanning
  12. you sound just like me- I started acne at 12 and now I'm 25 and still suffering- i am on the regimen for 5 weeks and am seeing some improvement but not completely yet- I am sticking with it though!
  13. maybe because you are using 5 % instead of 2.5 % like the regimen states?