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  1. Well I'm about 2.5 months into the regimen. It's going alright. Still having breakouts on my chin/jawline. My overall tone looks much better and the red marks have dramatically improved. I have more clear days than not, but I still don't feel 100%......... not even 70%. Regimen remains the same. And I'm continuing with the peel once a week.
  2. I use the Obagi C RX C-Balancing Toner with the DKR regimen and love it. It's got witch hazel, vitamin c and hydroquinone to help with hyperpigmentation. It also balances the skins pH. I can't imagine doing the regimen without a toner.
  3. Day 38 Well things are moving along. A couple new mountains under the skin, including one by my ear that doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon I've been blasting it with 10% BP gel, to no avail. More confirmation that this BP treatment isn't going to work 100% for me because the "root" of my problem is on the inside (hormonal). I'm on schedule to start the progesterone cream in 6 days and the time cannot go by fast enough. After a few tweaks, here is my current regimen: A
  4. Day 34? So I had a huge breakout last week - that time of the month. It made me realize something though, if my problem is truly hormonal, I don't think any amount of BP is oging to help when it comes to that time of the months. Those buggers are stubborn. I did some researching because I've had many other issues that I was starting to think could be related - anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, heavy periods, hypoglycemia, irritability,bloating, ect. It always coincides with my cycle. I just ch
  5. Me too. I'm at the 5 week mark and HATE how my skin looks. I just used a salicylic acid 20% gel peel (second week) and it's dramatically improved the awful tone and texture from the BP. It's also zapped the few actives I still had and is fading the red marks. Good stuff.
  6. It didn't load properly for me either - on google chrome:)
  7. I've had more moderate breakouts over the past few years (I'm almost 32). I stopped taking birth control after having my third child 3 years ago, and opted for a "permanent" procedure instead. Since that time I have had increasing acne problems - always around my mouth, chin and jawline. I know it's related to my monthly cycle because I usually have 1-2 weeks of clear skin (just healing the prior month's breakout) and then around ovulation time, my face blows up again. I've considered going
  8. 32 here. My occasional pimple all throughout my teens and twenties blew up into mild/moderate acne when I hit 30. Fun.
  9. Day 27 It's the second day after my peel and my skin looks even better. Maybe I've found the miracle i've been looking for? No actives right now - even the cyst that was forming has disappeared. My pores were much smaller today and my red marks and scars were much lighter - like, no makeup today lighter! I had some major peeling on my chin after my cleanser this morning but I slathered on some cetaphil and it hasn't come back. Unlike the BP which makes me dry all day no matter how much
  10. Day 26 So I did a salicylic gel peel last night, this one http://www.amazon.com/Salicylic-Acid-Peel-30ml-Professional/dp/B000PLUZL8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1330366286&sr=8-1 and wow! I woke up this morning and two annoying zits pretty much shriveled up and fell off. Gross, I know. Also, I had a cyst forming on my chin (the dreaded monthly monster) and it is significantly smaller today. I didn't use any BP last night after the peel because my skin was really burning and I didn't wa
  11. Day 24 A few new pimples today. Ugh. As of now I'm not seeing an improvement from when I started. Skin is oily, but dry - so make up looks awful (cakey). Blah.
  12. Day 23 Not much improvement - a couple annoying little pimples have popped up on my forehead and cheek. They're drying up fast but it's still discouraging. I've been doing a lot of research and am realizing that the problems with my skin are probably attributed to internal factors. I'm going to make a more consorted effort to "clean" up my insides in hopes of naturally treating the problem. Of course, I'm going to stay on the regimen since it seems to be a good temporary fix, until at l
  13. Day 20 One step forward, two steps back - that's how I was feeling this weekend. I had a minor breakout on Sunday, no cycsts just annoying little zits. By Monday though, they were disappearing and today I'm clear once again. In retrospect, I realize that was probably my "that time of the month" breakout and am so impressed that it came and went so quickly. Wow. Usually I have about 3 huge cysts on my chin, in addition to a million tiny bumps around my jawline. Fingers crossed that this
  14. Day 15 Not much change over the past few days. No major breakouts, although a few tiny bumps have appeared along my jawline/temples which is indicative of the dreaded ovulation. This is the time when a huge cyst usually makes an appearance on my chin, so far nothing. We'll see! The AHA has really helped with the dryness and I've had no redness or other reactions to it.
  15. Day 13 I used AHA again last night and my skin looks healthy, hydrated and amazingly smooth this morning. I love that stuff. I've noticed on the days I don't use it, I wake up with dry, snake skin. That stuff really is wonderful! I had two new whiteheads pop up last night but they're nowhere to be seen today. I have no new breakouts and scars are fading nicely. Feeling really optimistic!