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  1. DAY 3 Hmm, woke up this morning and saw 2 pimples on my neck!~ but luckily not on my face ok, i did another micro-crystals this morning, my face was peeling!~ after that applied the HA acid, then CollagenRX. so far so good.
  2. DAY 2 My skin is abit pink, i think was the tca cleaser and the micro cystals(has resurfacing agent) No new pimple!~ oh ya, my skin sebum has decreased, since the first day, you believe? I know you doesnt have to believe me, but im saying the true.. i shall see the result for a week and update my log again. Good luck to me.
  3. Hi, i'm 17 years old and from singapore. I had my first acne when i was 13. It came and went away fast. When i was 16, my acne was terrible. I got lots of red marks(Hyperpigmentation) at that time, i tried many products and it doesnt help to clear away. Now i'm 17 and my red marks fade alot because i used AHA lotion 8% everyday. Ok enough of grandmother's story. I got mild acne, red marks and scarring now!~ my scar type are pitted, box and rolling scars.(Lazy to say how many i've got) I got this
  4. i agree that ejaculating can cause acne. i did myself a testing. it's real to believe
  5. hey dudes, i exposed to sunlight today quite alot. my face kinda reddish. what should i do?
  6. you scarring isnt bad.. I have the same scarring as yours. I got red marks too... but marks are fading dued to using peels, and scrub...
  7. Hi!~ i've seen your old pics. I can tell it improve alot!~ But at the last pic, is that pitted? or blackhead? What products u have been using?
  8. it is true, u need to believe it. I brokeout only when i masterbate. Don't believe? Try dont masterbate for 3 days, then u masterbate after the 3 days for 3 days again for 3 times daily. See it yourself!
  9. i totally agree with you slient_night. i breakout when i masturbate..... I do what you 4 tips are stated. but i wish to add 1 more is DRINK GREENTEA.
  10. sally, after 2 weeks let me know the result . might get it from you or i'll ask my maid to get it when she go to lucky plaza.
  11. Ok, I'm clear for 1 and the half month. This is what i do: ------------------------------------------------- Stop masterbed (I just found out every time i do, i breakout) Extra Zinc Wash with Avene Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser Use Orange Peel Use Da Wan Ointment Every 2 weeks, Lactose-S(For effective colon cleansing, congested waste and body toxins) After the peel, rest the skin for 3 days. Now my red marks and pitted scars are fading!!!!!!! I am so happy. / -------------