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  1. Thank you for sharing scaredemon. Too bad...your blackheads came back...! I hate blackheads These days, I try to exfoliate and clean up my pores once every 2 weeks, and use BHA to eliminate blackhead. It seems to be working for me for now. Maybe you should give a try!
  2. I am confused products like aquaphor and vaseline...because petroleum jelly classified as non comedogenic and it won't clog pores. It sounds safe to use it after laser treatment. But it also makes sense to me that it possibly causes blackheads and breakouts for some people including me. I tried it before for a few days, and I broke out horribly...! "petroleum jelly can prevent the skin from releasing toxins, sweat and sebum. If this happens, the skin can’t breathe or eliminate toxins, thereby
  3. Sometimes next year, I am planning to treat my shallow scarring with laser like Repair or Total FX. I have acne scarring on both cheeks. It's mix of rolling, boxcar, icepick. I also have blackheads, enlarged pore a little bit, very rarely get a new pimple. Recently I've been hearing from others(not a doctor, but people who underwent laser treatments such as CO2, repair) that laser treatment will diminish blackheads. Is it true? It makes sense a bit if I think about how laser works, but I a
  4. SKype consultation for $125 is really expensive..., because it is no way you can clearly see scarring thorough skype. What kind of information he can give me for $125? It is a nice idea, but it is unrealistic to me... I got a lot of resources and free help/advice from org members. If you want, you can post photos of your scars and ask org members. Many people here are so knowledgeable(sometimes more than some doctors), and it's really worth to browsing around org than paying short Skype chat
  5. austra i don't think it'll disappear over time. i noticed a big lump a month after my first treatment. i bruised up a lot. maybe filler might helped a little to build up unnecessary collagen underneath of my skin, i am not sure. my plastic surgeon thought it was filler at first, but later on confirmed me it is a lump. he told me i should keep massaging it and it should get better, but it still stays the same and i really don't know when it'll go away...might take years...the surgeon told me
  6. Yes, other doctors are so right, my scars are visible but shallow, so my skin ended up with lumps(maybe it's called raised scars). My ex-surgeon didn't explain to me clearly about risks of getting lumps. He warned me that subcision won't really work on shallow scars, but I didn't know there is a risk of raised scars. I must say I regret my decision to go for it... I am thinking about repair because many doctors in my area offer repair. I haven't been able to find a good doctor who offers Tot
  7. Congratulation *Inspired* and thank you for your update. No more makeup sounds amazing I am seriously thinking about getting laser, maybe repair. My subcision and filler treatment failed on me. My scars are shallow and subcision didn't work, and I ended up getting lumps from the treatments. I can't believe you are going to another one in 5 days...Good luck with your next treatment, I am also hoping for the best for you!
  8. I agree with both *Inspired*, michi31, and others. It's not a good idea to marge scars and red marks. They are completely different issues involved in different treatments and resources. It really doesn't make sense to put them together, too confusing. If acne.org truly cares about being helpful to org users, then you should change back. Before you changed the structure, it was very helpful and that is the reason why I joined your site. Thank you.
  9. Thank you college boy84! I am so happy that you are getting great results from the repair treatments. I tried multiple subcision and filler treatments for my shallow scars for a year, but didn't work for me and I made my skin a bit worse than before...got lumps! Now I am seriously thinking about getting repair...! Probably end of this year or early next year, have to find a good doctor for it. Thank you for your update, and good luck [Edited image out] [Edited image out]
  10. i agree, subcision won't help much for your scar type. i have a few very shallow rolling scars. subcision didn't correct them at all, but one of them became a very small lump. it's visible on some lighting, and makes my skin texture really bad, not smooth and looks lumpy...i have a few lumps from subcision(especially around subcised areas), and those lumps feel not hard, but raised and empty(?)...before my treatment, my scars are very shallow but visible, and now my scars are still visible but w
  11. suggest buying obagi system online than doctor's office, much cheaper. doctor usually charges a lot.
  12. hi michi31, i had treatments done on my cheek, but not jawline. before i decide to get those treatments, my doctor(previous) mentioned me that sub and fillers usually don't respond well for shallow scars(i went to see a few doctors and all doctors told me the exact same thing..). but he also said that those treatments might work, too... depend on skin types and scar types. so i decided to get them done. but i wasn't really aware of a risk getting lumps. i thought the risk of getting lumps are fo
  13. i can see my lumps in some lightings. also they are above the surface, wish they are below...because i don't mind these lumps if they were not visible... i don't know what type of scarring you have, but congrat funding a skilled surgeon. hope your treatment goes well, good luck michi31! i do not recommend you to get subcision if your scars are not noticeable to others but you. your scars sound shallow, just like mine. keep in mind that subcision doesn't really correct your sk
  14. i've started taking vitamins(c, b-complex, and zinc) since 3 months ago. i noticed my skin is slightly getting better and better. for the red spots, bp might help reducing hyperpigmentation. but i personally recommend a very light peel for red marks. i use lactic acid up to 10% at least 3 months apart each peel. i also use facial wash brush every other night to help exfoliation process. Good luck OP!