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  1. At about 5 1/2 months in I am pleased to report my skin is worlds better than it was before I no longer have clogged pores and currently no actives tho I still get a pimple from time to time. I still have incredibly dry skin I only use the product now about once every 2-3 days for whatever reason my skin never has gotten use to it and still peels and flakes. Be prepared for a painful process my skin got so much better before it got worse and took about 4 months to see real significant results
  2. Ok so I am currently on retin a micro and doxycyline have been for 10 weeks it simply isn't working, so I am going to see my derm on the 29th and am going to ask for accutane, what to expect from here? How long do I have to wait to get it? Do i need a blood test before I get it? Do i see my derm every month? Do I get blood tests everymonth?
  3. Ok i am currently on retin a micro doxy have been for 10 weeks it has not got the job done I am considering accutane i guess i could start in april and do it through august, but that would be the middle of summer and I know it can be hard to do because of the sun I love being outside so my question is has anyone done this is it possible?
  4. I have heard doxy is the antibiotic giving for people who don't respond to others well my doctor put me on it, and it has done absolutly nothing, is it possible other antibiotics would work for me? has anyone experienced this?
  5. I am considering asking my derm about accutane I have tried many other treatments and nothing has worked, the only problem is that I am in college and I drink heavily on the weekends, not drinking really isn't an option but at the same time I don't want to damage my liver. I could tone down my drinking by drinking less on nights I do drink. Has anyone experienced this??
  6. End of Week 9 My skin is still slowly improving it seems like it is taking forever, still have red marks some clogged pores and a few actives. That said I still see improvement, the thing I believe that will help my skin the most will be for winter to pass as I am still getting some dry skin. Yaroon I use the cream not the gel and apply it once at night before I go to bed. I think in a month or so I will have significant improvements it just takes so long...
  7. Day 50 End of 7 weeks Ok decided to refill my doxy perscription it's 4 bucks and can't hurt right? That said I don't think it is helping. The initial breakout is over!! The texture of my face is much better but far from normal, or normal from other people, but fewer clogged pores and those that are are smaller than in the past. Still have alot of red marks from the IB but those are getting better each day. I think at this point I am making progress but I am kinda back to where I started when
  8. Day 45 My right side looks really good few clogged pores no big bumps some remaining redness from past acne, my left side looks aweful and is horribly dry and peely right side not at all. Anyway i realize my face usually breaks out one side at a time and in this straight line from my temple down to my jaw my theory is that this is caused because i sleep on my stomach with my face resting on my forearms i breakout right along where my face rests and nowhere else never on my forehead/chin/mouth
  9. Hey so I am currently on Retin a micro and my skin is getting worse by the day I am trying to stick to it but have no faith it is working. My question is that I am in college and see my derm at home on breaks I believe the next step would be accutane, if he prescribes this I know I would need blood tests etc. anyway I go to school in a diff state has anyone experienced this?? is it possible to do or should I just find a new derm down here?
  10. Day 42 Ok 6 weeks come and gone and my face looks considerably worse then when we started. Ugh can't believe just how awful it looks. I am going to stick it out but its hard to keep putting a product on my face that makes it worse and worse by the day...after 12 weeks I am going to ask my derm about accutane. Alex, I use Vanicream, good luck to you my friend! Keep me updated on your progress!
  11. DAY 37 Left side of face has zero large clogged pores and zero active pimples, whats left is just red marks from past acne, and skin is very dry. Right side is a work in progress still some large clogged pores and a few active pimples lots of red marks. The left side is the first encouraging thing I have seen from the RAM. I really think the antibiotic is doing absolutly nothing as soon as this perscription is up I don't plan to refill it, my doc just gave it to me to "lessen" the initial br
  12. I plan 100% to stick with it, I really don't think the antibiotics are doing anything I have very little almost no acne on my forhead, chin, around mouth area just on my temples, cheeks, jawline. Anyway I still get the occasional zit on my forhead/chin/mouth area so no change there. The rest of my face is going thru the purging stage of the RAM but I will stick with it for the next 2 months until I see my derm again and let him decide what is best from there.
  13. Hi new to the boards, never had as much as a zit in highschool had perfect skin until I moved away to college and within weeks it was a mess, it has been over two years and nothing has worked I finally got fed up and saw a derm a little over a month ago he perscribed me retin a micro .1% cream and doxy 100mg once a day. I am currently on day 34 so almost 5 full weeks and my skin looks awful it is covered in little red bumps, I can't stand it I'm skipping class avoiding my friends, I'm completly