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  1. Dude, your fine... It don't look bad at all.
  2. Sorry in the delay, but bad news, after using it for two months, and using two tubes, I still got acne. While I really think it speeds up the healing process, As far as preventing... just forget about it. I look like a clown sometimes when I go to work...
  3. So heres my whole intake on Lerosett They don't use water as the main ingredient, I bet you if you look at the acne product your using right now, Water will be listed first or second in the ingredients I've been using Lerosett for 2 weeks now. When I used it the first day, I noticed major improvements. But all of sudden I started breaking out again, like a week later. I'm still going to give it time though, because ever since I was 12 years old I've been using benzoyl peroxide, thats 8 yea