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  1. tried Clear Complexion tablets about 4 months ago, did absolutely nothing for me
  2. sounds like there is too much cleansing in this method... too much can be really bad for the skin.
  3. Just to let everyone know, I am no longer using Baking Soda.. only the ACV and the results are EVEN better. The baking soda was irritating the skin, and after a month of not getting any results I stopped using the baking soda and switched to only using ACV. The results are astounding and my marks are 98% gone, try it. I use the egg mask 2 times a week and that seems to remove any dead skin that the baking soda removes.
  4. Yes it's as aznboi986 described - you break open the egg and remove the yolk, pour the egg white into a bowl and whisk it (I do it for about 5 minutes) until it turns into a white bubbly liquid. You can then apply it evenly to the face and wait 15 minutes until it is completely hardened (you will feel it harden alot as you wait, and it feels great! lol) then it's time to wash it off with COLD water so then pores can close and benefit from being cleaned. Is that explanation ok? Joel.