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  1. ckbe82

    Jj's Roaccutane Log

    Day 28 Slowly recovering from the IB, my right cheek is healing very nicely, still got some actives but I can feel the skin is much smoother and less bumpy. Left cheek is still breaking out, same as my forehead but they are healing pretty quickly (usually they just dried up in 2 to 3 days). Dryness started to kick in on Day 23, my face is less oily now which is awesome!! My makeup can actually stays on till the end of the day without my face being all shiny and stuff and I don't really need t
  2. ckbe82

    Jj's Roaccutane Log

    Day 14 The IB is here! My face felt so bumpy right now, currently I have one huge ass cyst on my left cheek (it's really bad, i can see there're three whiteheads inside that king size cyst! arhhh) and another 3 on my right cheek, a lot of whiteheads scattered around my jawline, cheeks and forehead. I can also see some blackheads getting push to surface around my nose area. Good thing that they do dry up and become smaller in 2 to 3 days but it's so hard to not feel self-conscious about it whe
  3. ckbe82

    Jj's Roaccutane Log

    Thank you guys for the support Day 7 Didn't feel any side effects apart from a slightly drier lip, face is still oily. Had breakouts on both cheek, temple and jawline areas (not sure if it is the drug or me just having my normal breakout as usual lol) Right side Left side May everyone have a great week ahead JJ x
  4. Hey guys, I've been lurking around the forum for months now and since I'll be starting my Roaccutane course today, thought it would make sense to log & share my experience and hopefully find a buddy or two A bit of background info (if anyone is interested): Didn't have much pimple or acne problems in my teen or early adult years (I'm 29 now), things started to went downhill from beginning of 2011. For some reason my face started to get much more oiler than usual and I’ll be consist