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  1. Thats nothing to worry about, it should be gone in a few days.. or weeks.
  2. I wish I had skin like yours even though you have scars. Beats acne, besides, scars are nothing to be ashamed of. Stop being so dramatic.
  3. What are those black acne on my face, why are there so much and how do I get rid of them? lol what I wouldn`t give to have regular acne the likes of which some people complain around here. Possible casues: -I sleep on my stomach thus my face gets in contact with the pillow -I eat a lot of apples (a problem?) -I have hormones (maybe a bit too much?) -I wash my face 2-3 times a day -Could it be related to some foods? -Both parents had acne - genetic predisposition (is a bitch) Help,
  4. I have the same bump on the same side in the same place. What is happening here? And yeah, it is painful and would like to know how to get rid of it.
  5. I didn`t have a chance to prevent acne, it creeped up on me and before I knew it became a problem.
  6. I could respect someone that doesn`t put on makeup. With makeup you just hide your true image and deceive other people. I would recommend you to focus your thoughts on something else and stop over caring about what other people think about you.
  7. I agree that some peple freak out too much about a scar or a zit here and there. I have pretty bad acne and don`t worry half as much as some people on here. If you whine about a petty little scar like it is the end of the world then how are people with severe acne supposed to feel? Keep it real people.
  8. I tried to not shampoo but it just got more oily and smelly when you didnt shampoo did your hair get less oily/greasy? im scared dead skin might build up if i dont shampoo causing dandruff It has been about a month or more without shampoo for me. My hair is less greasy, it is soft and natural now. I wouldn`t know about dandruff though because I never bothered to look whether I have any. A bit of dandruff can`t hurt you, you can wash filth away with water. And yeah, what the other guy said, use
  9. Thanks for sharing, I`ll try some of this. Have a clear skin lol
  10. Maybe your hair is too used to shampoos to dry it out, I haven`t been washing my hair with anything else but water for over a month now. My hair is not greasy now, there was a period where it was but I got over it. Maybe you might want to try waiting for your hair to naturally adapt and in time produce less oil. I hope this helped.
  11. DAY 5,6 Went pretty bad resulting in a breakout. That`s all I will say. I`m going to stop washing my face with tap watter and will stop sleeping with my damn face on a dirty bedsheet with a dirty blanket over my head!
  12. You`re geting so worked up over that little thing that I`m starting to feel like a freak with my acne. If I started a thread for everyone of those I would be a top poster around here lol. Just joking, I know it`s hard to see things realistically if you have BDD.
  13. This, I tried sleeping on my back, resulted in waking up several times at night and it also took ages to fall asleep. I will need to sleep on my back though, I think it really is a big problem because I also pull up the blanket over my head so no wonder I get acne if my skin is in contact with something dirty at night.
  14. I usually get herpes on my lips just before geting sick. I do believe there is a connection for acne too. Probably because your immune system is already dealing with the sickness so the acne and herpes get their chance.
  15. Around the mouth acne is the worst. Period.