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  1. I've been clear since I got off it I get a very small whiteheads like every other month which is sweet I've been very pleased with the results totally changed my life for the better confidence wise if your debating whether or not to do it please know that it has made me clear and well worth the very small side effects
  2. You must've masturbated in the shower and used soap as "lube"...yea that will dry it out like that.
  3. I used aquafor and I never needed anything else it should do the trick fine
  4. Ok well thanks to accutane I am clear now!!! I have been left with the red marks which don't matter to me because i've been off it for 4 months now and they've faded away dramatically and well the girls don't mind so I don't either, the only thing that does bother me is the scarring left behind...how can I get rid of it? Through operation only? Anyone else been in this predicament? I have been using Differin 0.1% Cream I don't even know what it does, because well I am clear to begin with so.
  5. Get yourself some aquafor for your lips and some cetaphil moisturizer the spf one it works, it wont clog your pores and it will help you not get dry, and some dove sensitive skin soap to wash your face morning and night and midday if you want to always putting on moisturizer after except before you go to sleep...that's all I ever needed during my 8 month stint but I hear some peoples eyes get crazy dry and others get nosebleeds so be careful with that I didn't drink water allllll the time but wh
  6. it never affected my blood tests and I would smoke the night before I took the test smoke out my freind smoke out. Just make sure to wash your face before u go to sleep after u smoke when I wouldn't I would break out....but im clear now thanks to the tane "best drug ever"
  7. I would try and use stick lip balms but they don't do shat! Go with aquafor it works it really does I never tried any of those other ones but if u want a for sure thing go with aquafor.
  8. If you want to get rid of your acne for good go on accutane now as soon as possible I mean why wait when there's a cure out there just go for it I wish I had know about it years ago but I started my senior year by prom I was clear and well everything is great now! Start as soon as possible the end result will be great!
  9. by the end of my dosage I was at 70MG and I only weigh 130 pounds but Im clear now so it was all worth it
  10. I was completely clear by the 4th month and only broke out maybe twice since then I've been clear for a long time now!!!! Just don't worry about it once your done at least you will be clear!
  11. Aquafor always worked like a charm for me but it makes u look really glossy...
  12. Good because I have no acne thanks to accutane so this stuff will help the little redness I have go away then...will it help with the scars you think?
  13. Well I've been Accutane for about a month and now I just started using this differen cream 0.1% that my derm prescribed a month ago on my last visit...well I haven't had a pimple since like month 4 during my tane and now I feel really great living life to its fullest with no acne, but I was wondering what this differin cream is for? Is it for the scars that I have? Or is it to make the little redness I have go away? Any help is helpful thanks in advance guys!
  14. I wish I had taken a before picture but I didnt because I was too depresed to even look at myself and now damn Im all clear!!! because of Tane who knows for how long hopefully forever but I wouldn't have traded it for anything it changed my life for the better now im off and I feel great everything I always wanted to do or have happen to me now has because of it girls, confidance, freinds everything is better because of it! I hope I can encourage some of you to take it your contemplating doing