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  1. Today i feel like crap im tired sad and feel like jumping out my school window .. Im sitting in class right now im in so much pain my cheeks feel numb chin and forehead is so sore i just feel like crying .. Every single day im thinking of what i have to eat and what i cant eat its wrecking my head i get depressed so easily why do other people have it so easy im gone so skinny since my skin started to get bad .. Sometimes i feel great about myself but some days like today i just feel so alone
  2. Breakfast :Pancakes with chocolate spread Snack:Apple and Granola bar Lunch:Banana and Sandwich brown bread Dinner: Homemade Pizza Im very paranoid just to add that ..
  3. My acne cleared up so much but im still have small out Ive mostly post acne marks but my chin and forehead would still get small sore pimples .. For school i started eating granola bars everyday an apple or banana pita or brown bread sandwiches and drink only water .. I cant really have a separate dinner I eat whatever my family eats but its never really greasy fatty food once or twice it could be chips or oven pizza or microwaved food .Over not eating alot in school i do get hungry very peckis
  4. niamhf61

    Granola Bars ?

    Can someone help me my mam did the shopping and bought 2 boxes of the nature valley ones ive mild acne and will i break out if i have one everyday ? :/
  5. Every morning im stuggling to find something to eat either weetabix with hot milk porridge Boiled egg or scrambled with toast or just toast with butter or chocolate spread sometimes have a banana too . Every saturday me and my family would have a fry i stopped eating them over them being greasy .. Is what im getting okay if ive mild acne ?
  6. I have like one everyday instead of having Junk food and biscuits . I was starving yesterday and i had two will this make me break out make acne flare up ?
  7. niamhf61

    Oily Forehead

    Why is my forehead so oily its disgsting i have mostly bumps ans scaring on it but it goes away and comes back i dont know if i could be due my period or does it just always have to come and go
  8. Everyday all i think about is my skin what i eat what i use what i do . Its terrible . This is what i ate today Breakfast : 2 weetabix with hot milk and 3 cereal biscuits Snack: Apple 2 rice cakes with chocolate mixed nuts half a garnola bar Lunch : Pitta with salad and ham and elevenses choc chip snack bar Dinner: Pasta and chicken I only drink water Someone give me answers
  9. cheese tomato coleslaw in a wrap will this be nice and will it break me out or make my acne worse ?