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  1. If you are debating taking this drug, please read my long, unbiased story. I just wanted to share my experience (as a woman with acne) because I remember freaking out before I started to take accutane. You read all the horror stories, but there are positive outcomes as well. In insight, I wish I took it sooner. As long as I can remember I've had bad skin. Never totally cystic, and only around my cheek/jaw line...but as a female, I wanted decent skin. Looking back, I was blessed with an att
  2. most people seem to say the side effects are skin thinning, but from consistent use. i used it roughly a total of 3 times, am and pm for a week each each over the course of maybe 2 months. i haven't come across anyone saying they got greasy from it. i'm guessing the poor looking texture is from the skin thinning, but its only visible on my forehead. i guess the skin is thinner there than the cheeks. all i know is i curse the day i used those 2 creams because my skin was looking totally clea
  3. since late sept/early october 2010. lol i used it every other night and then bumped up to every night since maybe january? and i'm using the full strength .1% cream version. i suspect this is a combo of the heavy creams clogging me up with the over use of a steroid cream. my derm won't admit it either that the use of a steroid cream could have harmed me. i'd kill for a low dose accutane to kill the grease.
  4. i used to post on here regularly but went away because i kind of forgot about my scarring and i didn't have active acne thanks to accutane and later using tazorac cream. i return back because i have run into trouble. i'm not sure if this best falls into the scar category but i'll give it a shot. maybe a mod can re assign if needed. last summer at the end of july i developed a yeast/fungal infection on my face from the heat and humidity. i went to a derm that told me to use desonide cream (a
  5. wheres the article about men finding women with scarring attractive? ah yes, it doesnt exist.
  6. sounds like an interesting treatment although i'm sure few derms will do this since they all still need to pay off their bs laser machines.
  7. as evident from this message board it would be fair to say that lasers and peels often deliver little to no results.
  8. the point is simple - if you arent scarring from your acne you shouldnt take accutane, even if your derm tells you to take it. i never scarred from my acne until i took accutane. i would rather have persistent mild acne than the crag face that accutane turned me into. lmao, if we are talking about discoloration then sure. but the dented scarring i received on accutane only became apparent once the redness started to fade. accutane scars, PERIOD. Exactly the same here. While I was on
  9. lmao, if we are talking about discoloration then sure. but the dented scarring i received on accutane only became apparent once the redness started to fade. accutane scars, PERIOD.
  10. scoobie - where do you order your dermarollers from? please PM me if this site doesn't allow links to products or anything. i'm also curious as to how you sanitize both the roller and your face before doing a roll? 40% improvement sounds great.. congrats! im debating whether or not to do a total fx or try dermarolling.. i just dont want to end up worse than where i'm at now
  11. Scoobi, I'm scared of doing a roll on myself and have been trying to find a derm that will do one for me... How aggressive are you when you roll? Do you use a numbing cream? What kind of results are you getting? What kind of scarring do you have?
  12. zxcv

    TCA cross

    I've read really mixed things on that doctor...
  13. We all know that acne scarring falls into the following categories: icepick, rolling, boxcar and raised/hypertrophic. Some of us have only one of those, some of us have multiple types of scarring. I personally think that rolling might be the hardest to treat but that can be argued, anyway... My question is directed towards those of you who have had treatments done to your scars - which type of treatment worked best for YOUR type of scarring? I think a lot of Drs/surgeons are treating acne sc
  14. basically. but try being a woman with severe acne scarring... it is that much worse. i look back at old pictures and wish i took advantage of my looks back before accutane raped my face with cystic acne that left behind scars. my life and personality could have been completely different had i not taken that poison.
  15. contact julie from www.perfectcomplexion.net ive never used her stuff but i emailed her myself the other day with some questions.. here what she wrote back: As long as the scars are DEFINED border (they need to have a ledge, pronounced). The cross treatment is very delicate...one tiny microdot is placed into the center of a deep pock, causing the middle to rise, collapse taking the edges with it, which reduces the mark by about half. Repeat treatment can ensue 2+weeks AFTER the tiny tic-scab fa
  16. looks like a combo of scarred pores and ice picks with some boxcars and light rolling scars. i'd classify your skin from what i could see as moderate scarring. in regards to adam lambert, his scarring is mostly on the side of his face/cheekbones which makes it look worse. i have the same problem.. he has pretty bad scarring and i would be willing to bet that he took accutane and thats how he developed that scarring. hes a good looking guy and i feel bad for him because we all know how havi
  17. ernestoria, your results so far are just spectacular. it's nothing short of amazing considering the state of your skin when you started. just incredible. and to think you are only 3 months in... wow wow wowww! i just read through this entire thread and now feel somewhat more hopeful about resolving my own scarring. i really hope some doctors in the US hop on board this recell/stem cell train because otherwise i will be hoping on plane to see dr khan and get exactly whatever he did to you!
  18. cant say as i've never had it done... but maybe TCA cross by a professional might be safer?
  19. that is wrong from what i've been told. there is no reason to do treatments close together other than the dr wants his/her money faster. i was even told that you want a substantial amount of time between treatments so your collagen builds between the treatment periods. if you keep doing them one on top of the other within weeks it is actually detrimental in terms of the best cumulative results possible because the skin hasnt had time to produce collagen within those 3 weeks. i could be wr
  20. i've been reading through that thread as well and would also like to hear some experiences. maybe someone could put together a FAQ on that thread to make it a more accessible read. a quick question (that was probably answered but i missed) : is it ok to use tazorac/retin-a prior and after dermarolling? does dermarolling work best on rolling scars?
  21. hey there, how bad is your redness? are you wearing a physical sunblock when outside? did the derm tell you how high the setting was on the laser? my original treatment schedule was for 3 sessions, 3 weeks apart. just my luck, the week i was supposed to get my second treatment the laser broke and i had it done a week later. so it was a full month between my first two. after my first treatment i'd say it took the full month for nearly all redness and roughness to go away. that said,
  22. reading your story it seems likely that you were put on too high a dose right away. 80mgs and you are 130lbs? crazy, crazy. it only makes sense that you got a mega IB lead which to the scarring. i have many theories as to why some scar and others don't on accutane. 1. if you don't get cystic acne you should not take accutane. i NEVER had cystic acne UNTIL i took accutane. it just isn't made for people with non cystic.. 2. i think a large factor is if you get a big IB or not and how ear