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  1. I've been on The Regimen for a few months now, and even though I can't say I'm 100% clear like (98% though )I am 100% happier with my skin. This is what I do, because it just takes way too long to do it "properly" and my poor face honesty can't handle that much BP. MORNING: Wash with cleanser, wait ten minutes, apply treatment ONLY to trouble areas, wait fifteen minutes, apply moisturizer. NIGHT: Wash with cleanser, wait ten minutes, apply treatment, wait thirty minutes, apply moisturizer. *I d
  2. Hmmm! I use Dan's BP on my forehead, but I thik it dried my skin out too much, creating more pimples? Hahah. I've really cut back on his BP because it' almost making the problem worse. I would use a face wash with benzoyl peroxide in it. Like Clean and Clear Advantage 3 in 1 whatever! I would wash your face (focusing mosstly on your forehead) with that. Massage it in your skin lightly for about two minutes (I SAY LIGHTTLY, there are some beads in the wash and irritation is no good. But beads are
  3. Don't let it get you down! Two pimples? Pft, that's nothing. Cover it up with a smile. Really, the first thing I see on people is their smile, followed next by there eyes. We ALL had, have, or will have acne. It's just part of being human. I promise you though, no one is judging you because of two pimples, or five pimples, or even ten. Let your personalty show through. That's all people ever really see anyway <3 Keep your chin up darling!
  4. Yeah man, but like, it really worked for me! I was like 95% clear. Then I started getting acne in my t-zone. So I started to frek out, and in the past week, I've been getting more and more little red zits (I don't think they're zuts, they're just raised and red), and I don't know what's going on I'm very sad.
  5. Hey hi hello, I've been on The Regimen for about two months now. I'll be honest, I don't follow it exactly. My face is just way too sensitive to fully ramp up the BP. I only use a finger full at night. This worked for the first month and a half! My acne cleared and I was happy. Lately, my T-Zone has been very acne-y and I don't know what that's about. Also, I'm noticing little red bumps on the sides of my face. They aren't zit zits, I cn't pop them and they are small, and only slightly raised,
  6. Hey man, how is it going for you? I've been on The Regimen for just over two months. I don't follow his steps exactly (my face is just WAY too sensitive to even use a finger full of this stuff). I just wanted to see how things were going for you. I'm looking for some encouragment
  7. Alright, so when I started The Regimen, I was so scared for the redness and flaking. Because of this, I haven't exactly followed The Regimen the way he states, but I'm still seeing the same great results everyone else sees. So here it is: 1) It's okay to LIGHTLY use a washcloth on your face. Just make sure it is clean, and gently rub it in circles to remove dead skin. I don't see how it's irritating the skin if you do it lightly. So do it! 2) I only use BP once a day, at night. Sometimes on c
  8. I'm worried about that too. I ordered it yesterday and I'm so worried that the dried, red skin will be worse than the acne itself? I'm just going to start MAD slow with the BP. Like, half a pump once a day for a week. Then go super super slow so my face can adjust
  9. Girl, I am in the same boat. The worst part is I'm always scared that he'll leave me for a girl with better skin? He isn't shallow, but gah. It's like the bane of my existence.
  10. Hey everyone! I've been on this website a lot because acne plagues my life and it sucks so much. I just ordered The Regimen and this really is my last hope. I guess I was just hoping for some feed back on it, just knowing what to expect (if it does work). I'm in college and I never leave my room and skip class as often as possible so people can't look at my face I will take any advice, or your stories or anything really. I feel so alone, even though this site shows me I'm not. I just want my acn
  11. Ssydniee

    -Noneeee -So much more acne -Dries my skin out So I've been using this for a few months and I understand there is an initial break out period, but it just hasn't stopped. I've been using it for three months and all it does is dry my skin out and give me like seven new pimples for every one it eliminates.
  12. Ssydniee

    -Cleared my acne up in a few weeks -Easy to take -Stop working Alright, so I was put on this over a year ago and it cleared me up in just a few weeks. I was sooooo happy! But it has since stopped working and it won't work again because the bacteria is resistant to it now.
  13. Ssydniee

    -Natural -Supposedly good for skin -I have yet to see results, months later - Can be dangerous Alright, well I have nothing to say about this. Vitamin A is supposed to be good for your skin and I have yet to see any results. I'm sad about it.
  14. Ssydniee

    -Smells nice -Natural -The scrub leaves a film -My face got more oily -It didn't work I wish this worked, I really do. I love Burts products more than anything, but I was just so disappointed with this product. Try it, maybe it will work for you. It just didn't for me.