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    Very moisturizing Unscented Cheap Small amount of ingredients A little greasy In the past, I've really dried out my skin with harsh cleansers containing SLS and then slathering on moisturizer to make up for the loss of water and oil in and on my skin. I think a lot of my pimples were caused by the harsh treatment of my skin. I had been researching moisturizing cleansers (once I found out that my cleanser was the culprit for my skin being dry underneath but oily on the surface) and
  2. Okay see: you are in the same boat as I was a couple weeks ago. I could not keep my face out of the mirror. I would look at it 100 times a day. I even had a magnified mirror so I could see myself up close..WAY closer than anyone ever sees me! Well, I got rid of that mirror. I hid it farrrrr away xD My problem was worse than just looking.. I was TOUCHING and PICKING at my face. I would touch it everytime I looked at it, and pick the pimples and the dead skin. But as I've now discovered, that'
  3. I think it means don't put water ON your face, you should still be drinking it...lots of it! It's what hydrates your skin from the inside. When it's used ON your face, it will evaporate and suck even more moisture out from your skin along with it. That's why lots of people have been trying the no water regimen. but they are still drinking it I have found that water can be beneficial if I use a moisturizer immediately afterward. That helps lock in the moisture, and prevents it from evaporatin
  4. Infinitestar: be careful when you rub the dead skin off...I noticed if I rubbed too hard, I irritated my skin and caused more pimples. But I do think if you see any obvious flaky skin, you should gently get rid of it. Just be REALLY GENTLE! and also, make sure you aren't forgetting to moisturize! The nice thing is, as my skin is healing (which I think it is!) I have seen less and less dead skin, and less need to rub anything off, which means less irritation, and less pimples! I think th
  5. Infinitestar: I think it's really interesting that you say your skin only started acting up after you used the acne product. It makes you wonder what scary things are in those products! But yeah, I'd try either no cleanser at all, or just a very gentle cleanser (and moisturizer!) What might be happening is that now that you have all that dead skin, it's clogging with the oils on your face, and causing new pimples, which in turn shed more dead skin cells, and it's a never ending cycle. When I
  6. Infinitestar, how old are you? It could just be that you're going through a new hormonal stage, and that's what's causing the pimples. Your best bet is to leave them alone as much as possible. Too many people out there get stuck on a medication for their acne because their skin learns to rely on it. If i were you, I would try one last time to go back to doing nothing but rinsing with warm water like you used to do. If after a week you are still getting those bumps, then maybe start trying a
  7. Hi infinitestar, my skin is doing much better now that I started washing it again. This regimen just wasn't working for me. My main problem was that I was getting a lot of dead skin, and I'd pick at it, and cause more irritation, and more acne. I think the reason I've had acne all along is because I pick at my skin. It's the worst habit ever! Even this morning, I told myself I wouldn't pick at my skin, and lo and behold, I was picking at it again this morning! D: My acne isn't that bad, I ha
  8. This regimen isn't working for me :/ it's too bad, because I really wish I could just do nothing to my face and it be beautiful. Maybe once my acne heals up, I'll be able to do it. I'm going to start washing my face again and moisturizing starting tonight. I've noticed parts of my face that have always been smooth are now getting little bumps and flaky skin. The nice thing about the whole regimen is that my big cysts did go away. I think that's because I was being too harsh about cleansing and s
  9. Yes I totally agree with you on the face wash thing! I would be unhappy with my current face wash, so I'd buy a new one. It would work for a week, then I'd start getting breakouts again! And the cycle continued :/ I just KNOW its possible to get clear skin without any manmade products! I also do agree that if you eat unhealthy, it could cause breakouts (I had to think about that one for a while!) but I also believe that there are many people on these forums who are freaking out so much about
  10. @nagenodydna: I really hope thing work out better for you in the future! Personally, I hate blaming my pimples on something I ate. I think of all the people in the world who sit on their couch all day and eat junk food and have perfect skin and it makes me not worry too much about what I eat, although I do try to eat healthy. I'm just giving my opinion, but it could be different for others An update from yesterday. Not touching my face has made drastic improvements in just one day. And whene
  11. I'm feeling very discouraged today :/ my jawline acne is so bad on one side. It's even worked its way up to my lower cheeks. I feel so gross. I haven't left the house today and I'm not looking forward to seeing any of my piano students today. They all have such clear skin, and mine looks like crap :/ I have to stop the wash cloth idea. I think it's irritating my skin. It definitely gets rid of the dead skin, but I think it's tearing up more of my skin that otherwise wouldn't be flaking up. Now I
  12. @harlowefey: I always rinse my face in the sink after showering, because the shampoo tends to run down my face a little. And I'm definitely NOT giving up shampoo! XD What I've been doing for the past several days is rinsing morning and night, and gently removing dead skin with a face cloth. Im still amazed at the amount of dead skin there is, although it has definitely reduced since the first day I started removing it. What I have found is that after I rinse, the dead skin shows up a little
  13. So I'm back with an update. I've been really struggling with bumpy unhealthy looking skin still :/ and I think what's causing it is the incredible amount of dead skin that builds up where my skin is healing. I've tried just leaving it there, but it only gets flakier and causes more irritated skin. I have very few obvious pimples, but my skin still doesn't want to be healthy. I notice that when I wrinkle my forehead, I can see a bunch of flaky skin. And I'm doing water only! I'm not using anythin
  14. Okay I'm back from my vacation with an update. First off, I have decided to stop using the moisturizer. I think it was breaking me out! So thanks for all the advice from people telling me not to use it it was upsetting because I went to the opera and my face was splotchy from being irritated, I think from the moisturizer. I was all dressed up and pretty...except for my stupid face :/ Today, I have to say my face looks the best it's ever looked. I am really glad I went on vacation though...be
  15. Okay, so here's what's been my routine the past several days. I really feel like its working. My skin is starting to feel normal. It's sucks because it's almost that time of the month, so I'm afraid I'm going to breakout because of that. But what I've been doing is only rinsing with water at night, and rubbing my face GENTLY with a cloth. That gets rid of any of the dead skin that is completely ready to come off. But it leaves anything that's still healing. My face has been so much smoother sinc