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  1. While not related to acne, I have some fairly atrocious stretch marks on my arms that almost seem to shimmer in the light. They may bother me even more so than my body acne does, but unlike acne, there are very few valid treatments for stretch marks, and most of them aren't as effective as they would have you believe. Especially when it comes to older stretch marks.
  2. I was in a relationship for quite some time recently, and I'm happy to say she never cared about my body acne. In fact, as fantastic as her skin appeared to be, she had some back acne herself! It was an incredible feeling to let myself be free of the self-imposed constraints of acne-related body image issues. Not only did I not fear being in the buff around her, I rather enjoyed it! Ha.
  3. I haven't posted in some time now, and there's good reason for that: I've been in a relationship. While feeling that loving acceptance I simply didn't care as much about my appearance. I've still been trying new things, but the worrisome, fretful end of the world nature of acne simply hasn't been as prevalent. For those of you who have read my posts in the past, you know that I had a number of psychological blocks against getting involved with someone due to body image issues. While my relati
  4. I've noticed a white film on my tongue from time to time, less so recently. I recall one week in which is was particularly bad, but it seemed to clear up. Do you believe there is a correlation?
  5. I'm not entirely sure what the cause is. It may very well be thin skin. There's an almost translucent quality to the dark circles. I've consulted various articles on the subject and they all seem to hold to the opinion that everyone has dark circles to some degree. Yet mine are particularly awful. In addition to thin skin, could my pale complexion be a factor? I've shelled out for the roller. I don't think I applied it properly initially, though. It's the same product, but with concealer as wel
  6. Thankfully it's been postponed, giving me a little extra time to calm down my skin! I've been doing a combination of all of the suggested ideas. Keeping to my regular method, eating healthier, making sure I don't miss my supplement which includes zinc, and so on. It's all been helping. For the record, I only ate the Doritos because they were given to me and I didn't want to seem rude or wasteful. Back to the date: it has been postponed on her account, but it's simply an unavoidable scheduling
  7. Thanks Paul, I've been following your advice and the results have been back and forth. My current, experimental regimen using head and shoulders seems to have bottomed out, and the other day I discovered a new food trigger. Which certainly hasn't helped. Something in Doritos, and it really could be anything since it includes both dairy and gluten, caused me to break out the next day. Interestingly, I broke out in the corner of my mouth, where the upper and lower lips meet. This isn't the first t
  8. I believe I may be coming to the end of the road with this method. I saw some improvement, but it's been a couple months now and while a few areas did improve, others only improved temporarily. My upper arm acne is back with a vengeance, for example. I'll keep using the H&S method for a time, but based on some thingsnive observed during my usage of this method, I believe my issue is primarily dietary.
  9. Why thank you, I'll give that all a try. It just so happens there is some fresh cucumber in the house, so I'll start with that method and work my way up.
  10. Fascinating stuff. I had no idea it worked on so many levels. Do you have any idea how it might work in tandem with other treatments? Such as using H&S in the shower, and, say, BP outside of the shower? Do you believe that would lead to unnecessary skin damage or dryness?
  11. I've been using the head and shoulders method as well, and seeing some fairly substantial improvement. But now I'm seeing the same problem you are, it was better, and better, then a bit worse, and then better yet again. Then over the last few days, likely due to stress, I've been having more facial breakouts than I've ever hd using the method. It's bothersome because it makes me question if it's actually working or otherwise.
  12. I have an upcoming date, a little over a week from now, and unfortunately my face appears to be breaking out rather rapidly. It seems to happen every time we have a big event, doesn't it? The stress of the impending date is no doubt the issue. My nose in particular is usually the prime suspect. It goes from black-head riddled to becoming one massive red pimple. Does anyone have any quick, if only temporary methods of diminishing the breakouts? I'm not looking for a cure in this case, just a w
  13. I have some fairly substantial dark circles under my eyes, and was wondering if anyone had any sure fire tips to getting rid of them, or at least reducing them? I'm frequently well-rested, so it's not a matter of getting more sleep. =P
  14. I've noticed more than a few of these topics floating about, and while I'm not necessarily denying a correlation between ejaculation and acne, I do have a few concerns about these topics: 1) Barring castration or a medical malady I'm unaware of, it is physically impossible for a man not to ejaculate eventually. I have the same logical issue with vows of celibacy. If you are male and do not masturbate, or have intercourse, your body will eventually compensate with a wet dream. There isn't a pe
  15. That's a fascinating anecdote, Paul. To bump into someone you've admired, or at least taken note of in your daily life... only to find that for as together as she may seem now she very much struggled from the same psychological and physiological issues as yourself. And then to bond over your thematically shared history. I'm sure it must have been a revelatory experience. Do you feel as if your perception, and by extension possibilities have been altered after this event?