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  1. i used to eat all those foods you have listed, still broke out with cysts consistently. once i started to eat cactus daily my acne was completly gone. I eat pizza,chips, junk food now, just to experiment, zero acne. somebody needs to do some serious research on this plant.
  2. keep it short How? Quit using everything on my face just water over the summer it was a fucking process. Lost some fucking weight going on all those diets for me i found my true triggers and eliminated them. Quit lifting heavy weights everyday. Months ago i realized the only improvment i ever reached was on chromium. what does chromium do and who uses that shit? people with diabetes use it to stabalize blood sugar. it was causing hairloss so i quit, back to square one, never trust any
  3. And what is it? I'm so happy for you! Please, do share! That's fantastic, man! I've read your posts in the past and I'm glad you're seeing improvements. What's your secret? Also quick update on me: Thanks everyone for those comments a few pages back, I was just having a rare bad day and feeling down about stuff. Happens sometimes. I'm feeling 100% better the past week or so and my skin is doing well. And to be perfectly honest...I've been getting compliments about my
  4. Well I think I can finally say I have found my path to clear skin. It really feels like I have risen from the fucking dead.
  5. I've just reached the stage of clearness and I find really hard to talk to people, especially females who will start talking to me I don't know how to maintain conversation anymore due to past experiences and all the shit I had to go through with severe acne. I don't feel like everybody else, I still feel like a monster.
  6. Had to get my ID today, looked like somebody threw up on a peice of plastic. I don't care for this life, the only time where I enjoy life is when I'm asleep not conscious of anything.
  7. I'm not scared just ashamed, embarrassed, and really fucking tired of it apearing on my motherfucking face. Not looking forward to the semester. Today was my last day of work for the summer and I'm glad It's finally over. Going out the front door with my face was an acheivment for me. Now school, fuck.
  8. Thanks for the reply and recommendation, I decided to try this product and am satisfied with the results so far, my hair doesn't fall out anymore and its thicker and actually grows. My nails grow again and I noticed its helped with my scarring and dark marks significantly.
  9. I'm gluten intolerant and I eat rolled oats everyday, it doesnt affect me I used to beleive it did I was a fool. Add some cinnamon, chia, blueberries, organic honey, apple slices.
  10. I would remove peanut butter from diet see if that changes anything I know it did for me. Controlling insulin levels and stress. I have been drinking cactus with aloe gel for regulating the blood. Cinnamon, grounded chia, papaya, bluberries. These things have helped me reduce my severe acne. Cactus is underrated, I think that's the key thing that has helped me the most.
  11. Girls don't want to see that shit on your face, they want a man. Apparently acne makes you less of a man from what Ive been told.
  12. It used to be working out but I realize the majority of my breakouts is due to weightlifting, so I get depressed and quit for 1-2 weeks and the thoughts come back, I lose 10-20 pounds get deeper into depression since I can't release the stress built up. Then I start again gain the weight back and repeat the horrible cycle. Somethings terribly wrong with me.
  13. the moment you realize how much acne has actually affected your life, its one of the worst feelings ever.
  14. its made me want to end my life, the thought crosses my mind daily its hard to ignore it. it really does fuck you up inside, the person i was 9 years ago no longer exsist.
  15. Clear people have no idea how lucky they are to have skin that doesn't look like it has been beatin with a barbed wired baseball bat. They are fucking clueless on how much hell a person has to endure mentally and physically yet they make stupid comments. Should I even be mad? Is it really their fault that they don't understand what it feels like to struggle through life just trying to look presentable for this fucking cruel world. Why I even try is beyond me.
  16. That happens to me as well waking up with my arms,hands and legs numb. It is strange usually takes awhile for the feeling to come back, never thought it was related to diabeties tho. It may be stress related cause im pretty sure I have chronic stress. Damn it now I'm paranoid about diabetes.
  17. Anybody try this? thinking about starting this to combat hairloss from chromium any additional info or reviews?
  18. I've been taking 250 for about a year and a half now along with zinc and magnesium helped reduce my severe acne to mild/moderate but caused alot of hairless for me it's depressing. I actually just ran out and not sure if I want to buy another bottle maby I can regulate with cinnamon or some other shit. Might try this cologen powder for the skin,hair,nails. I also noticed I don't have to cut my nails cause they don't grow anymore that can't be right.
  19. My mind is telling me to give up. I usually hear the positive side say no stop that shit, but he seems to be gone.