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  1. Yeah I hate that about sunless tanners. At night my tan looks awesome; my half-cuban dad even told me that he was proud of me for getting so tan, but he didn't know it was fake. In the daylight however, I look like I have jaundice-not good 8) Right now I'm using an air brush solution, but I really want to try a foam. Is the Neutrogena Instant Bronze sunless tanner very sticky? Was it really easy to rub into your skin? Does the foam get watery? Does the color guide make you look as dark as J
  2. Tazorac at night and 5% bp in the morning were really the only things that made me spotless. And even though I used these products at seperate times of the day, the combination of both still stung worse than anything I've ever used. I tried to keep it up but it was just so painful; and it was strange because I didn't have any redness-just pain. But that was my experience. And believe me I'm not about pampering my skin, because I want results. It really made me mad because this was the best and w
  3. Hey SweetJade, you didn't think optizinc has B-6 in it because I said I was going to take it did you? I read your post on the clearskin4me forum. If so that's kind of funny...lol. The only zinc that I know of that has B6 in it is Good'n Natural's zinc for acne. Only 20mg to 50mg of zinc gluconate though. It makes me wonder about the combination :-k
  4. I was flipping through my nutritional book and when I looked up green tea part of it's description stated that it can help regulate blood sugar and insulin levels. Some people on the absoluteacneinfo website have talked about drinking green tea for their acne. I just find it funny now whenever I read about treatments that have helped people on acne boards, because most of the treatments have a relationship with insulin(seems that way). Just thought I would share another natural alternative.
  5. Thankyou for posting those DHT inhibitors, and I think I'm going to give optizinc a go since I've been reading about it on other forums
  6. It's much more interesting to read about the biological aspects of acne than to read about the buzz on every new skin care line :roll: So thanks again =D>
  7. Yes, that would be great if you could post some supplements/vitamins and medications that are good for regulating insulin and sugar levels(no rush). Thanks for all of your help
  8. In my nutritional supplement book it list chromium picolinate as one of the minerals for acne, and states that chromium is needed for proper insulin utilization. Here are three paragraphs about chromium: http://www.chromiumpicolinate.org/WHAT_chr...ium_insulin.htm I wanted to know if anyone has had sucess clearing/reducing their acne from using this mineral? 8-[ Also, what do think about this SweetJade1980?
  9. I was at a paramedical skin care seminar back in February, and one of the dermotologist said that accutane may help with skin cancer. What you wrote made me think about that :-k
  10. I've been a lot angrier since I've been on accutane. Only because I've been thinking a little less about my acne, and much more about my future which seems to be going nowhere. I quit high school in tenth grade; and a year later I payed six grand for an aestheticians license I won't even be using and now I'm broke ({|= Skin obsession is not such a good thing
  11. Bp isn't supposed to get rid of blackheads. I have them all over my face and nothing has worked; not tazorac, retin-a(and retin-a micro), differin, and not glycolic acid. I'm experimenting with salicylic acid and it helps a little. The majority of my face has cleared since I've been on accutane, but the major reason I'm on it is for my blackheads. Benzoyl peroxide definetely works good for for people like [email protected]; but it won't do much for comedones. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/viewto
  12. Yes she is very hot, and so is her mom. That's a good indication for her future, and maybe mine. [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o<
  13. Does anyone know where you can buy polyethylene beads? You know the ones that are used in almost every facial scrub such as proactiv's renewing cleanser. I searched a little but I just kept getting products with the polyethylene beads in them. It's frustrating because I don't really like the ingredients in most scrubs and would rather add the beads to my own cleanser. I thought it would be smart to find a plastic manufacturer for these beads, but It's not something I want to obsess about.