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  1. hEY EVERYONE, okay I don't feel like going back and fixing that h , Third week off of Accutane as of tomrrow and everything is GREAT. Atralin is a dream, it seriously has helped with red marks already, it does make my chin peel worse than Accutane, but Cetaphil saves the day. The flushing has finally stopped and my muscle joints are slowlyyy going back to normal. My lips still need chapstick a bit, but it's not insane. My hair still doesn't have to be washed every other day, I haven't wash
  2. HEY EVERYONEEE.. I know none of us are on here as much, but I'm going to do an update. I went to my derm about a week ago, and we said our farewells! I have been off Accutane for a week, and everything is still great Except this whole week I felt like I've had a massive hangover, I think it may be the my body being confused on not having the pills anymore? From 80mg to 0 in a day is a lot to handle maybe too.. My lips are still pretty dry, same with my skin, but it has been getting less red
  3. KATIE I'm so happy for your skin I'm sorry about the side effects and I miss everyone too.. I miss receiving 60+ notifications everyday on how everyone is.. I hope everyone comes back. I am here too just looking at logs and forums, not so much participating. I've been so busy with my classes, I really underestimated how hard some of them would be. I have been clear for 2 months now It really is incredible, and I do have 1 month left after this month, my derm said she counts differe
  4. Hi Becca! And excuse me Gina, where is my wedding photo missy??? LOL you saw the one on facebook, right? That was the one I was going to share with her, but sure, I'll message you another one if the size isn't too big!!! I WANT A WEDDING PHOTO TOO.
  5. O m g Kaydon I'm so glad you're okay! Did you goto the doc or just let it pass??? I figured I'd do an update, since I work 5 days this week and have 9 days left before SENIOR YEAR. So.. day.... 130! I think it's a couple days less but whateva. Sooo.. that tweezer scab thing, totally fell off and left no mark, it seriously looks like I made the story up. In the past like 2 days, I feel like my skin looks incredible, it's weird! But a good weird Ahhh I'm so happy you guys. The sid
  6. Lol did better? I've done a horrible job with my log , I hijacked Kaydon's and have been updating on hers! But aw thank you for the compliment!
  7. Just wanted to update my lovely ladies and gents on my tweezer fiasco: Much better yayy! I'm hoping by Saturday it looks really healed up because I'm going to the zoo with my boyfriend, his parents, his 2 sisters, and his 2 neices. I know his family very well, well dating him 2 years, I'm around them a lot, and they're amazing but I would love to not have to explain why my cheek looks like a bear chewed on it.
  8. I definitely am going to put Neo on it, at least no actives haha I guess I'd take a scratch anyday!
  9. Today is day 126, WOWWWWW. Skin is still clear, BUT WANT TO HEAR SOMETHING SO COOL? I cut a huge scrape on my upper cheek with a tweezers So much sarcasm by the way haha.. waaaaaa. I was tweezing my eyebrow, slipped, and the tweezer went straight down ma cheek. Wanna see? It hurts so bad, and will probably take a decade to heal.. There is also a pink circle from peeled skin near my eyebrow.. that is not part of my eyebrow ;p.
  10. Hey cutiesss! It's been so long, I am so sorry. I just caught up with Betsy last night, but I wanted to catch up with everyone! I have not broken out in 5 weeks! I thought I had a blackhead and tried to get rid of it, but it wasn't anything but a speck and so I peeled a small layer of skin off on accident, that's the only scab I have because I was naughty . My cheeks, forehead, and chin feel so smooth it's unbelievable. My skin is dry, not too flaky, but when you look up close there
  11. YAYY FOR CLEAR SKINNNNNNN! When I had some horrible red marks, I got the VBeam Laser Treatment done. The specialist zaps the red marks, and they bruise up for about a week, and after that, they fade significantly, I have no red marks because of that treatment. Where I live, it was 150 a treatment, and I had three, but we pay payments of $50 a month, they're very cool about it. That is something you could do 6 months after your treatment if nothing else helps. It does require a week of downtim
  12. Gina. The fack. You look amazing, BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS! AHHHH! What powder are you wearing without any foundation? It looks like you aren't wearing any makeup at all!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  13. WOO FOR NO ACTIVES. The true test was getting my cycle, I got it today and noo breakouts <3. And Gina - THANK YOU! I'll have to check out Everyday Minerals and the Alima Pure! It's crazy looking back into my log, wanting to cry every time I updated cause there was something going on. Now, it's like.. I have nothing to say except that I love Accutane.