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  1. I have not managed to get over it. When u are born attractive u are used to being treated a certain way in society. Beautiful girls flirting with you,people in general being more positive toward you,feeling good when u look in the mirror before heading out. I really hope u have more luck getting over this than I have
  2. I see what u are saying but in my opinion mental health is just as important as physical health. depression is an illness just like cancer in that it can end up with a person dying.Im tired of this life and would just like to be in peace. The suffering everyday is indescribeable. Insomnia,panic attacks,no appetitie,self loathing.It is a ghostly hell.Im happy with the first 16 years of my life.I know i will never be happy again.
  3. If I complete uni ill be walking into a job which pays about 150k for a 60-70 hour week. It doesnt matter. All the money in the world will never bring back my old life before this hell. Money can't buy happiness
  4. Yes, and have planned it. Acne is bad but at least u know there is hope. When U are permanently disfigured with scarring because of it there is no way forward,something I now accept. Im just thankful that during the first 16 years of my life(before acne) I got to experience some really great things.I was captain of the football team,made out with a lot of beautiful girls(one is now a model actually),be one of the "messers" in the class always causing trouble and having fun. Just being happy.Ever
  5. Agree totally.My sister socialises quite a lot these days and she often sees some of my old football teammates and people i used to know.A lot of them say things like "where is your brother?I never see him anymore.he was a legend a few years back".Im certainly sorry this has happened but at the end of the day we have 3 choices. 1.Sit inside in misery for the rest of our lives. 2.Suicide 3.Go out and live the best we can despite our skin.Iv chosen the latter.Iv accepted i wont ever have a girlfri
  6. Ya,since this iv seen how before u get acne girls are really interested in u and then suddenly it stops.Its like they let u into their "personal space" and the second u no longer fit their ideal look,they throw you right out.I have friends who were born unattractive and were never with beautiful women.They are really happy guys.I wish i never got sucked in by teenage girls as its like a freakin addiction!When its taken away its devastating
  7. It must have been incredibly difficult for her since she was born good looking and lived that way for many years. My case is similar.I was naturally born attractive and just dont know any better.U are used to getting attention from beautiful girls anytime u move to a new school/go on holiday or whatever.When thats taken away and u are then considered "ugly" its v hard to take. Im still trying to accept this but recently have been looking at old pictures of myself and old girlfriends.i do not re
  8. Persoanlly,i now just focus on my career.I had extremely severe acne and now left with permanent scarring.Was the popular kid in junior highschool.Made out with all the beautiful girls,troublemaker etc.Acne scarring has totally changed that.Iv given up on women. Still,sometimes u gotta look around and remember lots of guys have zero luck with beautiful girls.At least i got to experience that. However,when u are born good looking u dont know anything else and when thats taken away its difficult b
  9. Hi guys, I just wanted to get this off my chest if u dont mind. Ok so,growing up i had a very good youth.I was captain of the football team,intelligent and was very popular with the good looking girls in high school. I think i went through over 32 girls between 11-14 years old and a lot of them were really beautiful.Even turned down many beatiful girls as i was so spoilt. Now,i am thankful for having those memories.I know a lot of people dont get to tongue kiss their big high school crush behin
  10. HI guys, Im a fellow hair loss sufferer post accutane. Ended my course in february 2010. I had very mild hairloss after quitting but in the last 6 months it has speeded up dramatically and iv lost about 60% hair. My hair on the back and sides is growing thicker than top so it sounds like male pattern baldness? My hair loss doctor gave me a script for minoxidil and propecia. But im too frightenned to take propecia after what accutne did. Does anybody have any advice on treatments or should