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  1. I am not sure exactly, but I think maybe 3 days. I was worried maybe all of the results were just tightness of skin, I noticed a few days after I posted those pictures my skin became incredibly dry and was flaking like nuts. But currently, skin is back to normal and results are STILL THE SAME! I am so excited!
  2. I'll order a 1.5 mm next month. I have heard conflicting reports on how often to roll, some saying that it's worthless to do it often, others saying it's pointless to wait so long in between. I am seeing results the way I am doing it though, so I figure I can proceed the way I am currently and it'll be safe.
  3. Nope, never heard of it. I use Vitamin E cream, rose hip oi, and twice I've used Blue Plasma from Sephora, after I dermaroll. So, it's only a 1mm dermaroller right? I see an improvement. Do you break out with rose hip oil? Im using a 1.5mm dermastamp. How long have you been dermarolling? Yeah, it's 1mm. I heard the 0.5 wasn't very effective at all, and the 1.5 seemed a little too much at first. I wonder should I upgrade to 1.5 now? I got the dermaroller around July 17th, so it's been two
  4. Nope, never heard of it. I use Vitamin E cream, rose hip oi, and twice I've used Blue Plasma from Sephora, after I dermaroll.
  5. Hey guys, I am back. So I never went to a dermatologist. I continued to try to treat my skin on my own. I bought a dermaroller a few months ago from Amazon after seeing more things on T.V. about it and reviews on youtube. I purchased the 1.0 mm. I sterilize it for about 10 minutes before and after. I inspect it for broken or bent needles before each time I use. My first roller I found a bent needle after my 2nd time using it, so I bought a new one. I have heard conflicting things about how o
  6. I haven't done the VI peel, I left the state before I could start any of those options from that derm. I'm going to see another one in my new state soon. My dermatologist kept telling me that my skin will never be perfect, a scar is a scar, but she said she was really really confident that Retin-A and a VI peel would produce satisfying results for me. I think you could just do the VI peel and skip the Retin-A. Also look up rosehip oil. I know topicals don't have much credibility as far as helpin
  7. Hm, to me it reminds me of my scarring, but less severe and more shallow. But it could be the lighting. I know it's the worst thing to hear, but your skin looks awesome, the kind of scarring that really no one but you notices. Unless you point it out, like on here. I was recommended Retin-A and a VI Peel by MY derm. I wouldn't do anything severe for yours, your skin is good enough it's not worth the risk of effing it up.
  8. Thanks everyone, not one negative reply and as you all know, it helps a lot. All the comments are appreciated. Sometimes I feel I get a little too negative about my skin, maybe I am in a bad mood about something and I'll just start thinking overly negative about things that normally I am okay with. That was one of those times. Usually I can accept my skin, but I do constantly think about it and ways to make it better. ii Anyway, I have started using this serum I found at Sephora. It was he
  9. This was very very interesting. I am going to pick up some Rose Hip Oil tomorrow, it can't hurt anyway.....
  10. While dermarolling sounds absolutely terrifying to me, I am allowing myself to research it, after reading the article pinned at the top of the scar forum. I found dermatology places in my area that do it, because I am NOT attemping to take that into my own hands and further wreak havoc. Besides peels or laser (which I won't do) and Retin-A Micro...what else should I bother looking at that MIGHT have some impact on my skin?
  11. I have made some posts here last year about my acne scars. I showed pictures of my bare face and pictures where the lighting accentuated my acne. I spoke of seeing a dermatologist and having a treatment set in place. Then I vanished. Well, I went through a lot of life changes, quit one job out of my two, became unbearably broke, picked up another shitty job, became depressed/overworked/stressed and decided to move my entire life to New Jersey. My skin and treatment have all but gone out the
  12. I don't assume this will be the end of my treatment, but for a first step I think it will help a lot. I have done mild peels at home and have a lot smoother appearance than I did even 2 years ago because of them, and I know the VI peel is not the strongest out there, but I think as far as making my skin appear more even and healthy, it will do wonders. As far as the deep scars on my temples and cheeks, I'll probably learn to live with them or in the future go for more agressive treatments. I thi
  13. Can I just say something that anyone who posts pictures here completely barefaced will understand....it is damn freeing to post pictures of yourself looking (what you think) is your most disgusting and have no one react like, 'OH MY GOD, EW YOU LOOK SO UGLY, EW, EW EW' I just want to say, I didn't even realize it until I looked back through this thread and all the pictures I took that I would cry if anyone I knew saw them, and I didn't even think too much on it. That's awesome. I total
  14. Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates. My derm forgot to prescribe me Retin-A when I was there, and I planned to go in ASAP to get that plus a spot treatment (she offers them free to deter people from picking their skin!) but A LOT of things came up in my life that just made me put all of this to the side. Also I cannot afford the Retin-A for a few weeks now, because of some issues. So, I haven't really started anything yet. Within the next month I plan to start the Retin-A, and then
  15. I follow 'The Body Odd' on Facebook, and saw this article on my feed. http://bodyodd.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/09/25/14095836-zit-zapping-virus-may-be-living-on-your-face The very beginning of the article says: "The cure to your acne problem might be right under your nose … or, in fact, on any part of your face. Scientists have found that common, benign viruses living on your skin could be natural and effective killers of the bacteria that cause the most common kind of acne. These viruses a