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  1. Hey Samantha why don't you try a natural regimin? I use this kelp help dead sea mud bar facial soap from this online store and it works wonders for my skin. My face was similar to yours except I had annoying little lumps of acne skin things above my lip at one point...haha...well pretty much I used all types of store products, proactive, etc. And this soap is the only thing I swear by. I even cut off a piece of the bar soap and gave it to a classmate who now is asking me to buy more for her n
  2. There is nothing wrong with a natural scrub in my opinion. But it does matter which type of skin you have. For example if you have acne prone skin you need some type of a aloe gel base that can calm/cool down any inflammed pimples etc as oppose to any type of aloe lotion base. Then you need to wonder about what type of beads to get. If you have sensitive skin, get a scrub with jojoba beads which are coarser and less harsh on your skin. If you have matured aging skin, get a scrub with micro
  3. My main issue with this is those liquid soaps contrain sulfate in them which can cause dry irritated skin in the majority of people. In general liquid soaps are worse to use because any body products containing water need some kind of preserver. Even if natural the preserver can irriated and dry skin. Soooo you should use a bar soap, and nothing from the store since those leave a coat of soap scum on your skin. Last year I stumpled upon a nature store online that has this dead sea mud soap calle
  4. I'm for sure on board with the all natural facial cleansers. I used a specific natural dead sea mud soap. It works wonders for my skin and I actually noticed a difference within a few days of using it. Annnnd it's cheap to so that never hurts Also a note of using the hyloronic acid, if you have older/aged/mature skin that is fine to use but youthful skin hardly benifits from it.
  5. Is it layers of skin kind of? I had this issue where I a bump above my lip and when I picked at it (I know how you feel), it would bleed and come back. Sooner than later more popped up around my chin and cheeks. I used aspirin and honey exfoliate and I noticed a difference within 1 day, in 2 weeks they were all gone. Try this!
  6. I use this dead sea mud bar soap from nakedbodyandbath.com called Kelp Help. cheap and It doesn't dry my skin out
  7. I use honey with aspirin as an exfoliant. Get cheap uncoated aspirin at any drugstore and get two tablets and put them in your hand. run a little hot water over them until they turn into powder and add a drop of regular honey. Scrub any problem areas, avoid eyes of course since the skin is so sensitive. Honestly I saw a difference within the first use but noticed a HUGE difference within 2weeks. Try it! Cheap and easy!
  8. What are some home remedies you current use/or in the past that have worked for you? Me. I currently use crushed uncoated aspirin with a drop of honey as an exfoliate and honestly it was the only exfoliate that worked. I had this form of acne, that for someone reason i can NOT find an answer to what type it was, where it was just layers of dry skin on top of each other and when I pulled them off they would bleed and grow back. They were around my jaw and mouth. Ugh. Well this worked! Within
  9. Oh ya? Hmm what brand did you use? I don't know all that's in this bar soap but it's a mixture of dead sea mud and dead sea seaweed. Maybe the combo helps more? And of course i'm sure you're aware, like anyone dealing with skin issues, one thing may work for me but not for you. Also they have a tea tree bar soap as well, and that soap didn't do ANYTHING for my face. Trial and error, that's the story of our lives haha.
  10. This natural green tea moisturizer from this store called Naked body and bath (they also ship btw!). What's cool is it comes naked (meaning it has no fragrance oils or essential oils added) and if you WANT you can add a certain Essential Oil blend to help. I added the Acne blend in mine! Works so good and you need such a SMALL amount to get through the day! I also use their menthol toner with the blend in it and their Kelp Help dead sea mud bar of soap to cleanse my face I've had clear skin for
  11. Have you tried anything natural? When you think about it for YEARS humans were cleaning there face with natural products. When did it become the norm to put chemicals on your body? Too help me I cleanse my face with this dead sea mud soap called Kelp Help from Nakedbodyandbath.com It's cool because it doesn't dry your skin out, and its a simple safer way to clean you face from dirt embedded in your pores and makeup as well. I use it morning and night for about 3 months now and i have clear ski
  12. Story: So I've struggled with mild acne ever since I was 9, I'm 21 now. Well I've tried everything there is, from proactive to all the other acne products. And some have worked a bit but would either stop working or would make my skin worse. Secret: Well I found this great store in Houston called Naked Body and Bath. They supply natural products, all of which are at least 95% natural. Among all the great products, that come "NAKED" without fragrances (they customize these with FOs and EOs), a