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  1. DAY NINTEYIGHT Still dealing with these weird cysts I never got before. Not much else happened over the last week or so. Going to try and get my next appointment with a different derm, one who might actually give me the recommended dose.
  2. Hey having a similar lock-in mindset at the moment, its awful but just thinking ahead helps, just to think this won't be a problem in a couple months, it'll all seem long gone. Thanks for the sudocrem recommendation that worked amazingly well before my latest breakout came and fucked things up again. Still using it on blemishes works really well for me.
  3. DAY NINETYTWO This is by far the worst its been, on the course or off. After shaving about five cystish looking things popped up and countless loads of smaller pauples, etc. The blemishes are healing well with sudcorem, only been using it for a couple days but it does make a noticeable difference, still not sure how to deal with these. Had a panic since I've got a birthday later tonight and a day out tomorrow and decided to duac them, then sudocrem them, then wash my face and then apply both
  4. DAY NINETY Derm won't move me up even though bloods are fine and no other side effects. Apparently if it gets worse it sticks to 60, and if it gets better it sticks to 60 too. Woke up with seven actives on my cheek worse than anything pre-tane. Starting month four, hopefully heads up from here.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion might pop into boots at some point. And definitely true about the mindset thing, having 'an end' in sight really helps.
  6. Know it might not have been wisest since duac drys you out but it did work on some red/itchy areas and stopped them turning to breakouts, don't do anything to the ones already active though so stopping with any of that. I know it'll take a while but seeing as I only had moderate acne and was clearing up sort of took me by surprise. I haven't drunk in a while but my derm said a couple drinks on occasion was alright. Definitely haven't drunk anywhere close to the bloods and started to hit the gy
  7. DAY EIGHTYFOUR Didn't see myself updating this much but getting really weird. My forehead has like exploded with really rough hard red bumps, all inflamed. The kind that have turned into cysts over my course so far. There are literally fifteen scattered across from one side to the other my whole forehead is patchy red. Half dreading going to sleep in case I have to wake up to them having flourished Have duac'd the fuck out of them for now but it never helped with the other cysts and now it
  8. DAY EIGHTYTHREE Breakout is worse than pre-tane now. Very confusing was getting a lot better before. Guessing this can't be an IB as such seeing as its pretty deep in, still looking around thought. Timed perfectly got a lot of stuff coming up over the next month or so. Remember how frustrating this was before tane, haven't had to for the last couple months. Derm appointment coming up soon though so will press for 80.
  9. DAY EIGHTYONE Still breaking out rather annoyingly, there seems to always be one massive cyst-like thing active at any time, as soon as one goes another pops up. Marks they leave behind take time to heal too. Sure I need 80mg but derm refuses to go above 60 for now, appointment coming up soon so hopefully can move up. Had a couple (lot) of drinks, know it's not advised but I was completely fine, noticed nothing untoward. If anyone reading is that way inclined didn't experience anything out
  10. DAY FOURTYTWO Started to break out again which is a drag. Skin feels little more sensitive, has gone a little red too. Blackheads are becoming clearer waiting for the them to fall out. Skin is more dry now too need to use moisturiser a lot more. Used to the dry lips not much bother either way. Feels a little like a plateau, thinking I should have been moved up to 80 but only month and a half in a way to go yet.
  11. Couple days ago noticed some redness on my cheek, overnight it turned in to a reddish brownish blemish and the skin was really sensitive as if it had been cut (it hadn't). Now it looks like a healing shaving wound/blemish but is actually neither. I was wondering what this was, if anyone else had and how long it'd take to go away. Its quite big and seeing as the rest of my skin is clearing up is very noticeable. Can't take pics phone camera is broken :/ Any help would be good
  12. Forgot to mention have had a LOAD of blackheads turn up, they've always been dormant around my nose but now they've come to surface, some around the pores between my nose and eyes too. Close up they look awful but not so noticeable otherwise, have heard accutane tends to deal with them so not too bothered atm, waiting for them to fall out.
  13. Don't think so. Either way gonna be extra careful now, keep the nails cut down and all that. Just wondering how long this plans to stick around for. Gradually clearing up really well everywhere else so it sticks out even more.
  14. DAY THIRTYONE Not updated in a while, been busy with exams and moving things to and from uni. Passed the month mark, got through boxes of this stuff now. Recently upped to 60mg increased dry lips and started to need to moisturise round the mouth area in the mornings. Hair is REALLY dry, using T-gel to help the scalp been going alright so far. Skin still feels smooth but got a lot of annoying little fuckers popping up here and there, not so bad though they tend to disappear within a couple
  15. DAY EIGHTEEN Skin feels smoother still not dried out. Virtually no actives about hopefully that carries on. Seem to be reacting well to Accutane so far only side effects are dry lips, not majorly a problem at all, very bearable. Had the odd rash/itch but don't think much of that. Getting blood work done this week and appointment with derm next week, not sure if it's just the dose or whether I'd prepared for much worse but its been pretty much plain sailing lately.