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  1. I want to make this short as i can. I struggled with acne since 12 or 13. Im 24/m now and have been 99% acne free since february of this year. My acne was very persistant, mild to moderate, with probably 7-10 active (1 or 2 being larger cystic) spots on my face and into my 20's pretty bad back and chest acne. I tried proactive, Dan's regimen, all washes, and seemingly all the OTC methods. My biggest issue is that i was so embarrassed with the acne that I hid my worries from my parents (who
  2. hey dee im sorry to hear that your medications arent working and im sure many of us can relate to your feelings with acne. ive had mine for almost 10 years now (i turn 23 in may) and ever since 18, acne has terribly impacted my life. nowadays, it seems like my main focus and goal in life is to get rid of acne, which is pretty damn sad. luckily, it looks like im on the right path. i started on a regimen of doryx pills, 100mg twice a day, duac topical in the AM, and differin 0.1 (now bumping u
  3. i just got my first refill of doryx and realized that the retail price is close to $450 for a 30 day supply of 60tablets. That comes close to $6k/year which is pretty ridiculous. Luckily, i only have to pay 25 bucks per refill because im covered by insurance, so i was wondering if anyone has been dropped from their insurance coverage because of expensive antibiotics and/or other acne treatments? appreciate any and all feedback! thanks
  4. how about you start by trying to volunteer somewhere. youll be able to meet new people and feel good about doing a good deed. win/win if you ask me. give it a shot.
  5. not to sound rude, though tough love sometimes does work best, but the best advice anyone can give you in this situation is to grow a sack of balls and be a man. you mentioned about five times in your post about how girls think you are super hot. that alone should give you enough confidence to go after 99% of girls. its not often that guys here that from girls, unless you are hanging out with some busted ass girls who feel the need to spit game because they dont have any guys chasing them.
  6. its okay momiji...we all do ( or at least try to! ) have a life outside of acne.org! anyway, the regimen has :::with my fingers crossed::: produced the best results ive had on anything and in just two weeks of use. i am so amazed and happy with the progress, and if it continues i plan on making a lot of posts on this regimen. obviously acne is different for everyone, but my journey with acne has been so arduous and unsuccessful till now, that i think it would help anyone with moderate to sev
  7. momiji_girl, thanks for the reply! that really gives me some confidence going into this regimen! how long did your initial breakout last? when did you start feeling that the regimen was really going to give you the success you see now? and how long have you been on all the meds as of now..sounds like since the summer, right? also, did you experience a lot of photosensitivity or were you still able to be out in the sun a decent amount? thanks so much and im very happy its worked for you!
  8. After using minocycline for 9 weeks and having very minimal results my Derm said it was time to start getting aggressive and give me my new regimen of Doryx pills in the AM and PM with Duac in the morning and Differin before bed. I told him my skin is sensitive enough that it dries very easily, but he seemed pretty set on giving me this combo. Ill be back to the office in 4 weeks and he said if he doesnt see improvement by then, it will be time to start discussing Accutane. Im really nervou
  9. tealeaf, just stick to your derms regimen and give it at least a couple months. maybe call in and ask what to do about the dry skin and redness and see if a better moisturizer may be recommended. ive read many reviews on minocyline and while individual results definitely vary greatly, a solid amount of people have said that they didnt see significant progress until after 2 months into the mino use. so be optimistic and hopefully soon enough you will see the clear skin you want! good luck
  10. today was officially 6 weeks for me on minocylcine but i cant really say if there is significant improvement at this point... when i started mino, i was experiencing a pretty bad breakout and my skin has definitely been clearing but i still continue to develop new pimples at not much of a slower rate than what was the case before my mino use. i was a little more optimistic last week when i thought i was clearing at a great rate, but after getting a decent breakout this week im a little more do
  11. not to be rude, Rumalz, but have you ever heard of placebo effect? that is what youre talking about, and i believe all or most medications are tested by using a pool of patients that are given a fake version of the medication (one that actually does nothing) and compare the results to those that are given the actual medication. however, i also think that it is not totally understood how antibiotics truly combat acne. acne is not simply caused by bacteria or else everyone would have it. you mu
  12. i try to have yogurt almost every day at least to keep healthy bacteria in my stomach and digestive tract..
  13. ive read plenty of reviews where people have been cleared of acne using antibiotics like minocycline. the problem is most of them have had to be on the meds for long periods of time, even years, or else the acne has a good chance of coming back. i personally know of one guy who used mino for 2 years and was clear afterwards. ive been on mino for 4 weeks now and can definitely say i see very good improvement, but not enough to say this is great stuff. but most places ive read, have said that
  14. Dermatology is what's called a "lifestyle specialty." (it's dermatology, radiology, ophthalmology, anesthesiology). Just so you know, anesthesiology is not a "lifestyle specialty". They might be the ones who need to be most worried about malpractice suits, because over 10,000 deaths a year are related to patients receiving improper anesthetics/medications. Its one of the most complicated of all areas in medicine and they definitely have to be on call and work all hours of the day. Also, t
  15. iive been on mino for just under 4 weeks. i have used the regimen for the past 3 years and starting in may i stopped and just used salicylic acid wash with a moisturizer and found great success. my acne is moderate, very persistant, and i do have some body acne. as soon as october and november came around i broke out a lot worse than i have in the past few years and went to a derm who prescribed me with minocycline. i took 200mg for the first week and 100mg since as my derm said a study has