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Ashley Elizabeth Sego

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    Sturgis MI
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    My interests are reading, writing, and exploring music options.
    I love my family, animals and friends.
    Let's just say: I enjoy being alive, but I hate having acne. :(

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  1. Ashley Elizabeth Sego

    A new start, a new outlook:

    I have moderate acne because my "monthly friend", and sometimes I even get painful cysts. I also have quite large pores and oily skin. It sucks. :( So, I am going to make a vow not to pick, prod, keep up with my daily routine, and healthy diet. Let's see how I do! :)
  2. Switched from dairy milk, to coconut milk. :P

    1. Ashley Elizabeth Sego

      Why Do You Want To Have A Clear Skin?

      Lately I have learned nobody really pays attention to your acne if they really care about you. They will just want to help you out. I listen to music when I start to feel down and want to pick (NO PICKING!) lol, it helps, and it is saving my face. --STILL, we all want to have clear skin. It would be nice.
    2. Using my mint mask now. :) Feels good.

      1. Ashley Elizabeth Sego

        Need Help- Pimples Leave Brown Mark In Their Place When Gone

        Post acne marks can take a very long time to to fade, because scars can go all the way to the deep layer of skin and the skin has to take time regenerate itself. I have had some scars for a few months too. But lately I tried using lemon juice to fade them... and it worked! My marks are almost gone now. I think you should give it a try, all you have to do is buy a fresh lemon (usually 30-50 cents) and add 1-3 drops in a table spoon with some water. Then you take a cotton swab or ball and dip
      2. I am an anime freak, so watching a cute anime show makes me smile. <3
      3. Ashley Elizabeth Sego

        How To Cope With Acne Scars?

        I have the same problem, and my scars are often left by deep cysts (and picking, but I won't anymore!!). Lol, ^-^ The best way to deal with hyperpigmentation is to use lemon juice. Trust me, it really works. I even use it! The best way to apply this is to get a cotton swap or ball, and dip it in (clean) water mixed with 1-3 drops of lemon. Then dap it onto the scars, and acne marks. They will fade quick. Lemon is a natural AHA, that removes deep surface marks, because the acid from the juic
      4. Ashley Elizabeth Sego

        Discouraged. Feeling Hopeless.

        It seems hard right now, I know. But I will keep this short and painless for you: Those feelings you are dealing with right now? They will be in the past, and they will get better. I won't give you my life story, but I can tell you I have dealt with pain before. It hurts, I know this. But, if you can think of the future, and of someone you love, someone who cares about you too... you will feel much better. <3 People who are worth your time will love you for who you are, not what is one
      5. Ashley Elizabeth Sego

        are you crying because you have acne?

        Acne is really something that people with clear skin don't realize is hard on us. I can recall many times where I have woken up and didn't want to go to school. I would do my best to cover my acne, and put a smile on my face. I have stayed up late thinking about it, and even shedding tears over it. But, ever since I found acne.org I have felt a lot more at ease, because we are not alone. I am not alone. Trust me, it is always going to be hard, but once you slowly realize that there are ot
      6. We were meant to live for so much more.

        1. Ashley Elizabeth Sego

          1. Gentle! 2. Smells quite nice 3. Soap free, and hypoallergenic 4. Won't clog prores Could remove makeup better. :/ I use this morning and night, it is very gentle, and it helped keep my acne away. It does not get rid of acne, however, but it does do a good job at cleansing the skin and not stripping the lipids inside the skin. (Remember to moisturize anyway!)
        2. Ashley Elizabeth Sego

          1. Kills bacteria 2. Fades post acne scars 3. Is an acid, AHA treatment naturally Can and WILL dry skin if you are not careful with how you apply, and how much. It made my scars reduce almost over night. :D But, you have to mix it with something to dilute it. I use just water and a drop or two of the fresh lemon. If you don't: Say hello to dry skin. It really works though. Next I will try it with honey-- because honey makes skin very soft!
        3. Ashley Elizabeth Sego

          Let me just say this first: I ADORE this mask. :) 1. It suck up excess oil and dirt in your pores 2. It has a gentle cooling sensation, it relaxes tense facial muscles 3. The sulfur in it help prevent acne flare ups 4. Smells like spearmint.
        4. Ashley Elizabeth Sego

          1. Very light on skin 2. Does not make me breakout 3. Has the right amount of SPF 4. Moisturizes very well It can make skin feel a little oily by the end of the day. It works great for SPF and a moisturizer. I have not broken out from this product, and I have it in jar form, in the old fomula they have brought back. (There was a scare for the new formula not helping the skin, but making it feel greasy.) Overall I enjoy this product and I will continue to use it eve