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  1. Adding just 500 calories of butter in my diet, I saw about 5-10 pound gain in a month. When I stopped eating butter for a while, I lost that 5-10 pound. Heck, I was infact consuming less carbs when I was consuming lot of butter.
  2. It's FAR more money saving to buy a saw palmetto for $10 at your nearest store, and order zinc Gluconate for less than $5
  3. I still can't believe that, and why would anyone would want to use that, they must be quite desperate to resort into buying that.
  4. What others say, may apply different to others. But personally, the gut diet has changed my skin. You can argue that "I have no scientific evidence" but, over self analyzation I am very aware of what causes what and what does what in my body, and improving my gut was a huge factor. I am a male so it may apply differently, but I was able to control my hormones and thus my acne by improving digestion and diet. People don't have to take this thing bit too seriously, once you adapt to the gut
  5. The following day, I did notice some new bumps but vey minor stuff. My pimples do come really fast, within 30 minutes of eating or during eating usually any high fat, high carb, regardless if there "healthy" or not. and yes that's why it is confusing me. walking does not burn that much calories, had I eaten those pastry breads under sedentary conditions, I am sure I would have had one pimple, the calories in vs calories out makes no sense. If you break out that fast after eating, you are proba
  6. I feel what you are going through deja, I used to feel exactly the same, feeling guilty over false preaching, but that's something you'll also have to realize. We are here to help each other with each of our experiences, whether if they are true or not, that's something we'd have to try ourselves, and even if it isn't who cares? Please remember that you did help me a lot in curing my acne. I was skeptical of all the things people throw in from all the places, and within a year I've done variou
  7. I was JUST gonna post something on this. I've fruitlessly been trying to pinpoint my "allergies" and I've been quite unsuccessful. It seems that "sometimes" things hurt my stomach and break me out and other times I'm fine. I do think this is for many reasons but I've been doing a lot of researching on food combining and it makes a whole lot of sense. Anybody have any more tips or specific info on this? I'm excited to see how it works for me. I've done an experiement on myself few days ago, a
  8. Not sure if I am the only one who tried, but for me vegeterian flax seed total EFA oil seemed to work well.
  9. Although I no longer breakout with this diet, I discovered that food combination is essential for proper digestion as well. For example, eating a fruit and a meat, the enzyme will most likely digest what has a higher ph and leave the rest to rot in the gut, not to mention you get a stomach ache.
  10. Yeah i'd be curious to know that as well Nutrient defficiency, thats for sure.
  11. Look at all these people who are on a low carb - high fat diet clearing up: http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/main-lowcarb-lobby/722603-acne-high-fat-diet.html Getting better skin.
  12. Try to go on a high fat and low carb diet. That also means fruits too. Coconut, olive, butter and ghee are best oils. Although you are a vegan, I am sure you won't have any problem eating ghee or butter.
  13. That's where I believe genetics take place. Not to mention, that the severity of your acne drops after puberty, atleast for many. We shouldn't blame our genetics really. Think of it as a benefiical gene that displays our internal function. Unlike the typical americans who aren't even aware of what they are eating, we are at a better level of understanding meaning we may not even suffer from common diseases like most people later at age.