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  1. Yoghurt mask is great for the skin. If you burn on the sun it reduces the redness for 90%. It also recovers skin Ph balance cause it´s acidic, it moisturizes the skin as well.
  2. It´s really a shame that Eucerin (which is a German brand) produces Aquaphor only for American market :/ There is no Aquaphor where I live, but I read its ingredients, it´s basically glycerin, panthenol and bisabolol, I´ll try to find a similar cream.
  3. Asian BB creams have a lightening affect that the Western don´t have. And good that they don´t have it
  4. Is a moisturizer with aloe vera equally effective? And green tea is good for sensitive skin as well? I´m using this Eucerin moisturizer now and it´s relatively OK, but I´m not completely satisfied. It has fragrance and alcohol in it and it makes my skin a little bit reddish and it stings a little when I apply it, I thought about switching to Lavera Aloe Vera moisturizer.....although it doesn´t have an SPF....:/ Ugh, it´s so hard to find a right moisturizer for my sensitive combination skin! And
  5. Thanks! So it helps with dehydrated skin? Really? You have experience with it?
  6. Hey, guys! So, I finally managed to balance my skin. I was just washing my face with water and applied sunscreen when I went out and my skin finally stabilized, except that the skin on my forehead was dehydrated. It had tiny little wrinkles. So I read somewhere that to get rid of that skin one must exfoliate. I bought an organic exfoliator in a drug store and exfoliated my skin, but what happend was that my skin got so irritated, I broke out, pores around my nose enlarged, the skin was so dry an
  7. You should stop the chemicals, and do you have a lot af stress or are you nervous? If yes, have you tried some relaxation methods, like yoga or pilates? Some people told me that really cleared their acne. Also, maybe try natural oils - jojoba or almond oil.
  8. I just saw the picture. Oh, my skin was much worse! Your skin is pink, mine was literally red! I use Primavera almond oil and just an ordinary joghurt which I usually eat. I have little scars if that's what you mean. And what do you mean it's deteriorating?
  9. I don't know...I have no problems with it.....did you try shaving with oil? I do that sometimes because when I shave with only water I get like a little tiny "holes" if you know what I mean....when I do it with oil I don't get it.....
  10. I guess you're male? Well, it sure is easier for girls, I mean they can put on some foundation and cover it, but for guys I believe it's difficult. But hang in there! Clear skin is not what makes someone beautiful or handsome, it's the face lines, style and after all personality and intelligence! So, don't lose your confidence! P.S. Can you grow a beard or something?
  11. Try almond oil and joghurt mask! It reduced my redness 80% the first time I applied it!
  12. You probably have very sensitive skin just like me. My skin was also very red for a couple of years. Almond oil and joghurt mask helped a lot! Actually when I first applied joghurt mask my face was 80% less red. I wish you luck
  13. Do you guys really need a cream for shaving? I mean is it necassary? Cause I'm a woman and when I shave my legs for example I use only water, nothing else....I never used any shaving creams....
  14. Try joghurt mask or almond oil. Both are soothing. Also, try not applying anything for a few days to let it recover by itself. Or apply cold compress. I would try that. Don't do anything harsh now. It should take a while until it recovers.