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  1. Hey guys, glad you stumbled onto my blog. I should start off by saying I've beaten moderate acne through holistic methods roughly a year ago, but unfortunately i'm left with a fair few shallow scars and large pores with blackheads. Blah. Anyway that's going to be the focus of this blog. After some time of just leaving these scars and blackheads alone, I've decided i'm going to get back on the horse and see if i can find a method to banish these blackheads forever. I've used all kinds
  2. Hello everyone! 19 year old needing help! So i was looking for some advice on Laser treatments, because opinions seem to be quite divided. Firstly i should say that i don't have acne, but i have a range of scars and large pores all over my face. I've read a lot of horror stories that they can actually make scaring worse and it's really frightening. I've already had one laser treatment, but my treatment sounds quite different than other peoples. The procedure was roughly 30 mins, it felt w
  3. I have 20% strength at home but it burns so god damn much i can never apply it. Can't find any reviews of this product on the site. I was prescribed this product by my dermatologist, yet i haven't seen anyone comment on its anti-blackhead properties. Haven't been on these boards in a while, its been a year since i got clear skin but i still have a moderate blackhead problem that i'd like to address! peace!
  4. So its been about a year since i cured my acne through diet, but unfortunately when i first started getting acne i used to pick them which has left some scars on my forehead. I've left them for a year and there is no hyperpigmentation and they've filled in a bit but the scars are still noticeable, especially in that blue indoor light. Anything i can do at home to reduce the scarring?
  5. So its been about a year since i cured my acne through diet, but unfortunately when i first started getting acne i used to pick them which has left some scars on my forehead. I've left them for a year and there is no hyperpigmentation and they've filled in a bit but the scars are still noticeable, especially in that blue indoor light. Anything i can do at home to reduce the scarring?
  6. I'm already doing low carb ish, i havent been at all as strict since my acne disappeared but will going strict paleo get rid of my blackheads? It's not like i have an excess of blackheads, but they are noticeable in some light and i feel its time for them to kick the bucket, anyone have any experience with successful blackhead removal? In addition, are black beans and kidney beans ok to have on low carb? Are they likely to cause a breakout? I've just moved from home and i've got no income so
  7. Sorry i've been gone so long! No, the human body is designed to handle far worse than anything unprocessed honey would contain (insect parts ect). I will note though that some bacterial spores have been reported in honey, newborn children up to one year are susceptible to infection but our adult immune system is far to strong for any infection to take hold. There are different types of filtering for honey, in terms of nutrition, eating honey in the honey comb (propolis) is fantastic, honey comb
  8. Well, that's the problem Everyone is always saying "Ofcourse green tea is good for acne. It has antioxidants!" But when i look it up on google, the majority of people are actually breaking out from green tea (3-4 cups daily), and many others experience increased oily skin. I mean, there are many things that are considered healthy from a scientific perspective, but have opposite effects when applied practically. Then people say "Well, if green tea is breaking you out, then it's the caffeine.
  9. I don't know what to think, There is a lot of hatred towards coco, just like soy. Its very debatable as to whether its actually good for you. the studies on dark chocolate are often misinterpreted or bent a little attract more people to health websites. For instance, people always use the Harvard study on dark chocolate which says one square a day may lower blood pressure. People go to far in assuming that eating a whole bar will better the effects...
  10. whatup! it seems unlikely that green tea is the cause of your acne problem.. It very high in antioxidants and other acne fighting substances, unless you had some kind of allergy, which im guessing would show pretty quickly. Whats your diet like now? are you under a lot of stress? im sure there's another factor at work here.
  11. So i'm doing a research paper on honey and how it kills bacteria, and i've been reading a lot of research papers on the anti-inflammatory factors of honey. Apparently its so antibacterial, many researchers are looking to honey to be the new antibiotic. Hows this relevant to your acne? well here are some properties of honey that may be good in getting rid of /treating problems associated with acne: As i said, honey is very antibacterial, and famous for wound treatment. Russian soldiers i
  12. I smoked cigarettes and i suspect that gave me a lil acne. Now i've smoked weed quite a few times now and i'm not advocating smoking weed but it feels like that actually did quite a bit for my skin. I got the munchies like mad and i ate a load of stuff that i shouldn't which would usually give me acne..... but it didn't. On several occasions infact. Now i'm not sayin theres a definite link but.... I'm just puttin it out there... forget what i said
  13. I know that feeling exactly, i thought weight lifting would wreck my face but i was wrong. If some components of weight lifting would affect your skin then it would be either the diet related aspects or the DHT ( The hormone that increases acne. Lets look at the DHT. This is the only really acne significant hormone that would increase when you lift. Now it does cause acne for sure, but it doesn't cause acne when it increases in weight lifting. Why you ask? Because the DHT levels are onl
  14. The fabled success thread, never thought i'd make it. Anyone reading this, go through my previous content if you wanna find posts about my acne experience, the link above tells you how to get rid of that last nagging bit of acne. Next week i'm going to a nightclub to celebrate my 18th with 12 other people who are on the guest list. Acne forced me to eat well and exercise and because of it i'm looking good, that is to say i've never been more confident. I just wanna say to anyone on t
  15. Hutchdan


    after i got rid of acne
  16. From the album: me

    cured my acne
  17. So true, its been proven that you do get happier even if you force a smile. Have one on me :)
  18. After much pain i finally found the right holistic approach which got rid of 90 percent of my acne.. but something was missing...... I'ts been a long time since i was on this board, i felt compelled to come back and mention something which could make a difference to some of you sufferers. People on this board get obsessed by the holistic approach, i can understand i did the same. But its important to remember that there are some other massive factors that affect acne The most impor
  19. So basically i bought some whey protein and it broke me out within 2 hours. It was quality stuff, no additives and even organic. I'm certain its because it has such a massive insulin response, so i was wondering if anyone has discovered a way to avoid this? Or could someone tell me their experiences with egg protein? Thanks
  20. I've tried whey protein before, it was even unflavoured and organic and i broke out within 2 hours. It's because its got such a massive insulin response. So i looked around and i found that they sell egg white protein... anyone tried this? I dont wanna waste my money again...
  21. Over the years I've become more skeptical and rational in my approach. I still like to rely as much as possible on natural solutions, but the hard reality is that 97%+ of what's promoted in alt-med and natural health websites is pure BS. While I might not promote BP, I've come to think that it's good that we have it. When used properly it's one of the best anti-acne treatments currently available. Just recently I saw a study that showed the oxidative effect of BP actually mitigates the genetic p
  22. Hi AbyBar! I understand your scepticism, but the guy behind acneeinstein.com is indeed a respected member here, though he does sell his own method, based on a holistic approach. Not that that's a bad thing, but it puts things in perspective. He will never promote something like BP. Huh? I agree that BP causes dryness in the beginning, but worse scarring? And making red marks linger around for years? That's rubbish, sorry. BP turned out to be the most effective treatment by far when compared to
  23. Those are not even scholarly cites. .com tends to be biast. As green tea did nothing for my skin. I don't understand how your argument has any merit if he uses scientific studies in the articles. If you read any of the other articles you'd know that he is VERY critical of bias in his articles. He will only make cure acne suggestions if there is a scientific basis. Making assumptions that sites with a domain name of .com are bad is stupid i'm sorry. He bought ".com" so it's more readily availa
  24. Better yet can anyone suggest some gentle ways to exfoliate? I'm using ACV but i think it's a little weak. I've literally just come off the caveman, that didn't work that well for me. Now i'm at a loss as what to do with my topical treatment. All i know is that my skin does a lot better on the homemade topical treatments, something gentle.. I'm kind of aware that i need to exfoliate, tone and then moisturize,is this really necessary though? I don't really have greasy skin anymore but it is a
  25. I GI isn't really a factor when consumed with fibre protein and or fats. Also the GI scale has been designed around fasted people. The scale just isnt accurate as not enough has been done to test the GI on non fasted people,