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  1. That is rough, some people are really insensitive. I didn't, as a rule, have to deal with that much. When someone would comment on my skin or something I'd usually just make a joke about it, laugh it off. It definitely didn't make me feel good though aha. Poor guy though. My skin isn't looking too good. I still keep getting quite a few zits everyday, but at least I haven't gotten any new cysts for nearly a week now, so that is good. I'm starting to wonder if this treatment is working.
  2. 50/50. Got a new scrub this afternoon. Used it in the shower and it made my skin feel refreshed. Felt pretty good about myself until I took a nap. I woke up and I felt groggy. I got a cleansing wipe and cleansed my face with it for half a minute. Feel okay for now. Saw a guy at school that broke out and now has incredibly severe acne. I feel for him. People were commenting on his skin in class and I could totally tell that he was uncomfortable with it all. Poor guy. My thoughts go out to him. Sa
  3. ...\o/..."Save me from acne"...\o/...

    1. I'm awfully sorry about what your mum and sister say to you. Trust me, I've been through the same with my father. Just ignore what they have to say and try a more gentle product if Proactiv isn't going to well for you. Proactiv doesn't work for everybody. You are who you are, so don't let anybody get you down. Believe me, it's hard, but you just have to try and rise above it. That's what I do whenever people say stuff about me. Best of luck.
    2. Happy Birthday to me. It's my birthday today. Just turned 17. Going out for coffee with some family friends and after that I'll be chilling with both my family and family friends at home while watching Australia vs. New Zealand. Face still looks the same and it's pretty red after a shower as always, but I'm going to try and look ahead. Acne isn't going to spoil my day. I'm still the same person. Death to acne. It causes a lot of pain for a lot of people and I hope it burns in hell. If I can over
    3. Could be better. Just got out of the shower a couple of minutes ago and since I use my scrub whilst I'm in the shower, I dry my face afterwards with a fresh towel and put on some cream afterwards. As soon as I finished drying my face, I noticed one of my pimples on my chin popped whilst I was in the shower. Same with another one underneath my left eye. They were both bleeding, but they're all better now. My skin is improving. My scars are fading, but since I have been breaking out around my jaw
    4. Yeah! I ignore people at work and those who make fun of people. I find it that it is the best way if i want to keep the job and good rep I remember my I never fought before and will never happen unless I must defense myself. Acne made me a better person too. I avoided people, so I never learned anything bad from people. That's why I am nice guy. I am a vegan who eats 100% raw. I learned a lot about eating healthy because of acne. I want to stay vegan for ever and live longer, age slowly, mor
    5. Agreed man. I go in the shower with a healthy looking face. I come out of the shower looking like a tomato. Happened to me just about an hour ago. Redness has gone away though, so it's all good. About to hit the sack. Got a big game tomorrow. Just have to do the usual scrub and cream. Hope you get better man.
    6. Cheers man. It's not easy, but I'm aware that I'm not alone and there are thousands of people out there with acne. To be honest, I would kill to have clear skin again, but I've become a better person because of acne. Sure, it's made my life a living hell for quite some time now, but if I never went through what I've been through, I wouldn't have the confidence when I need to stand up for myself or rise above hate or depression. Nobody deserves to go through the pain and suffering of acne, so the
    7. That's rough bro. Losing someone can be tough (I know first hand). It really sucks that she had to move. Definitely man. I was man enough to shed a tear when she told me the news. If I had the balls at the time, I would of asked her out, but she was one of those girls where you get butterflies in your stomach whilst you're talking to her. One day man. One day I'll find a girl like her again. Just hope that the girl I find doesn't care about somebody who has acne.
    8. Living life to the fullest. I don't care what people think of me. I just go out into the world and do what I have to do. Acne or not.

      1. Last time I was in a relationship, my skin was crystal clear. I had a condition that lasted for at least a couple of weeks where I broke out on my chest and stomach and had over 100-200 crusty sores. After a couple of weeks, they vanished. So weird. Other than that, I don't have any stories, but I do remember making out with my ex-girlfriend and she spotted a pimple emerging on my chin. Way to kill the moment. I didn't day anything about your whitehead on your cheek.
      2. I had a crush on a girl for nearly a year and she accepted me for who I am, which was really sweet. We had everything in common. She told me that she couldn't care less if I was breaking out, it's the inside that counts. I found out that she was moving schools a month later. I haven't seen her since and that cut me deep. I still talk to her every now and then. Just a couple of months ago, I had the guts to pour my heart out to her and tell her that she's gorgeous and deserves the best. She was l
      3. Just had a shower and it sucks looking in the mirror after one. Only because my cheeks go red whenever I finish having a shower. Before that, my skin is improving, but I have my doubts. I've been told that my skin doesn't look bad at all, but when I look in the mirror, I see a monster. Guess it's all in my head because I look in the mirror a lot.
      4. Acne hasn't changed my life, it's affected my confidence a lot, but I try my best to go on with life and do everything I possibly can without somebody saying anything or making it hard for me. To be honest, other than shedding a few tears every now and then, my life has been the same as it was with flawless skin. The past six months has been brutal, but I have been trying to rise above it and I'm super glad that nobody treats me different. Everybody knows I'm still the same guy, so they don't ev