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  1. This is exciting but I don't think we should call it groundbreaking. In the article, it says it's a "treatment." Technically, everything we use now are "treatments." I'm just saying let's not rise up on a cloud of hope only to be disappointed if it turns out to be an addition to the mattifying creams on the market. I think any product they might come up with that uses words like "hinder", "block", or "inhibit" are the products we should pin our hearts on.
  2. ...that oily skin seems to be caused by different things in different people. That actually doesn't make sense to me but it seems to be true. There are posts stating that anxiety is the cause from some posters...others say it's hormones, for me it is definitely greasy, oily, bad food. and if these differences are true, I can assume that not all remedies would work for every person. Some have been helped by jojoba oil... some swear by masks... vitamin b5 have helped others... I thi
  3. Yes, that's the type of skin I have now. When I was a teenager, it was oily with acne, now it's just oil and no acne. I may get a pimple once in a blue moon but yeah, all I have is oil. Loads of it.
  4. Cool. I really hope you it can help you. Try washing your face before using it and leave it on (a good sized glob of it) overnight on a pimple. You can rub it on larger areas of you face too if you'd like. For my own pimples, they are much more calm the next day and feel "dead." They don't get any bigger and only shrink away real fast until they are gone. Blast it with the gel every night until the zit is gone. How severe are your pimples? Some of mine are weak and soft and others are hard and
  5. You could try. I've never mixed anything with the aloe so I don't know how well it works in combo with other things. I'd just use the aloe by itself first though.... just to see if your skin responds as nicely as you want it to, then go from there. actually...the aloe works so well for me that I personally wouldn't want to go adding anything to it at all. No zit or pimple that pops up ever really lives past a day when I slather the gel on it overnight.
  6. I blot also because I have no choice. I duck out of sight to do it too. Is there anything special about these sheets though? What advantages do they have over regular napkins?
  7. I'll definitely try buying in bulk. I need that normal skin back.
  8. I took b5 for about 4 years and yes, it did work for me. If it doesn't work for you, you can quit. In my case, I had no breakouts when I quit. My face just went back to being oily. For your redness and pimples have you tried 100% aloe vera gel? $3.00 at CVS. Seriously. You get a big tube of it. It's natural, made from a plant and it's great for calming down reddened, inflamed skin and loud pimples. Try aloe vera gel for one or two nights instead of chemicals or creams. If it works for y
  9. Welp, I've lurked on these forums for a while now and figured I might as well say something about the only thing that has ever worked to curb (not completely but I'd say about 90%) my oily skin. I've tried a lot of the things... creams, lotions, soaps....actually, no, sorry, there is one other thing that worked for me and that was vitamin b5. I've stopped choking that down though because I believe it started thinning my hair in a few places. Otherwise, b5 was great for me. I'll try to ke