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  1. Hey Friends! It has been a hot minute! Things are going pretty well. My skin is getting better and better, given the longer periods of recovery i am experiencing. I find that I still need DKR to keep things smooth and break-out free. I have had some picking, probably 2 sessions since my last post in April. Both healed nicely and i intervened with myself far earlier than i used to. Progress is progress & I'm feeling very good about that. I came across this pamphlet from the Trichotilloman
  2. Thanks Eddie! You're very kind. 4/10/12 Just a quick update. Things are going okay. Not much stress other than grad school so my skin is benefiting. I cannot wait to be done with this semester... only two classes left and then i will have practicum in the clinic! woot woot. I still pick with pretty regular frequency but it is definitely less obsessive, agressive, painful, and digging than when i first started this project. I keep wanting to post new update photos but i've been feeling lik
  3. Hey girl! sorry about the cyst - hope it's starting to fade by now! i still get about one a month, mid-cycle, if it's any consolation I have incorporated AHA into my regimen and use it once a week. I started off mixing it in with the DKR lotion so that i got a low "dose." if you are prone to dryness/redness around your eyes, nose, mouth or neck, then absolutely avoid applying AHA near those areas. i apply it to the center of my forehead, cheeks and jawline, and rub a small dot in on my nose. i
  4. Ditto, girl! We are all so lucky to have this support. Keep up the good work!
  5. you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, start all over again.

    1. Bored, stressed, tired, angry, lonely, feeling imperfect? There are so many reasons and each one of us has a handful that trigger the picking. Take a few minutes to think about your morning, even the day before. I have found that the 24 hours leading up to picking provide a lot of evidence for why we do what we do. PS - i've never done probiotics before but i'm sure there's a log that will have good information for you! try the natural/holistic boards. good luck!
    2. ooooh girl. you can hate yourself all you want right now, but you know what? YOU ARE AMAZING. you've come so far, gained so much insight about this problem. shared it (!!!) with others and taught us how to share without fear as well. you are setting good examples and providing good discussion, left and right. **virtual bear hug!** did you slip up? yeah. does it mother freaking suck? totally. but guess what? last time you have a major picking episode was almost THREE MONTHS AGO!!! January 8
    3. NYC, That is a fantastic suggestion! Obviously i should not be in change of touching my own skin so maybe it's time i left it up to a professional! Oddly enough, my sister is an Aveda-trained aesthetician but (go figure) I never ask her for help because it's so embarrassing. But maybe it's time I came clean? Why the hell not... thank you! Paul, I'm kicking myself for my lapse on the boards. I do so much better when I'm logging in everyday, giving and taking support! I totally feel for ya o
    4. 3/27/2012 Hi friends!! Pickers in the house! Wow. i have seriously neglected acne.org recently! i'd love to say it's due to things going well but that is not the case been breaking out for the past week or two because i went on a picking rampage. not the kind where you pick your entire face open. more like, every day i'd pick 3-5 spots in the mirror before bed... scratch off a scab or two while watching TV... it really added up. luckily i stopped the madness pver the weekend and i'm tryi
    5. Hey girl! I have not tried the H&S method but I will tell you that I now swear by The Regimen. I've been on it for 5 months and started the process to stop picking about 1/2 way through. i know everybody is different but i can safely say that i break out *because* i pick. anytime the pimples have spread, i now know it's definitely due to picking... no doubt in my mind at this point. my skin has become pretty clear on the regimen but i will still break out if i have a bad night and pick my f
    6. Hey Daphne The rewards system is a good idea. I had not thought of that! Rather than limit your ability to hang out with friends, perhaps you could just say that if you pick your skin you aren't allowed to buy anything at the mall. This way you are still able to socialize, which is a good distraction from picking. Having acne is hard enough, don't let it interfere with your social life if you don't have to! hang in there, girl. you'd be surprised how many of your friends may have simi
    7. Hey Princess Daphne! I feel your pain. With the help of this log to hold me accountable, i'd say my picking has been reduced by at least 50-75%. It's a process and it's definitely not perfect. I wish you the best in your efforts to stop! I've tried several different kinds of mineral makeup, from the drug store variety to Bare Minerals.ELF is my favorite because of the price & it does not break me out. (hooray!) The most important thing for me was to purchase the ELF taklon brushes inste
    8. I have tried a billion different kinds (tresemme, o.blandi, batiste, salon fx, pssst, etc...) of dry shampoos and i freakin' LOVE suave dry shampoo. and it's only like $2.50!
    9. good topic idea! i find that most of my picking happens during moments of boredom and stress... here are some strategies that i posted about recently on my skin picking log... Here are a few things that got me through the weekend: 1. Reading a book or magazine that really catches your attention - it requires two hands to hold it, so you're kinda tied up! plus if it's really good you will escape into the story. 2. Paint your nails! this obviously ties up your hands for a good hour and it's