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  1. I've been using Avene moisturizer on my face, and cocoa butter (a lot of it) all over my body. For the dry lips I use carmex. I've been using contacts for a while, and it hasn't really bothered me...just make sure to have moisturizing eye drops at the ready. The most annoying thing with Accutane for me is the muscle/joint pain.
  2. I have cystic acne. I had it pretty much all over my face, and now I only have one active cyst on my left cheek. @Vikki17: I'm interested in scarring treatments. Could you give us some more details on how you used the cocoa butter oil for the scars? I already use cocoa butter for my dry skin, and it's been really helpful! I've always wondered if it would help with acne scarring!
  3. Yes I'm currently on month 3 of my 1st course of Accutane at 30mg a month. I won't lie; the side effects are rough...but the treatment works marvels.
  4. Chin up Perplexity! The past is past. The important thing is that you've gone to the doctor and taken steps to take control of your health condition. Personally, I applaud your efforts! Can't wait to hear about your progress!
  5. Thanks for the support everyone! Some days are better than others, I guess it's just a waiting game and trying to stay healthy
  6. what does that do? I've heard honey is good for acne scarring. does anyone have any more info on that?
  7. I'm on month 3 of Accutane, 40mg/day. I had my IB and all of that, and was seeing dramatic improvement. I even went outside without makeup yesterday, and then BAM this morning I woke up with two huge cysts on my left cheek (my biggest problem area). I feel that I look like a monster. I couldn't take the image in the mirror; I broke down and cried hysterically for hours, and then went for a long walk to calm down. It's so depressing to get these, I'm at my wits end...I eat well, sleep tons, hy
  8. I'm on Accutane, and so far I've been happy using Carmex. I still need to try Aquaphor Healing Ointment, which I've heard wonders about.
  9. I feel you MariaBo! It's so hard for me to talk about it too; usually, when I do it (only with my family, some of my closest friends, and my bf), I break down into tears. The right moment to talk about it will come naturally. I know for me, it was when I started Accutane. Before that, I would just always try to have him see me with makeup on and say nothing. Then when I started Accutane, I didn't want to sneak around for my trips to the dermatologist or get blood work done; that's when I finally
  10. Ugh my BF has the nicest skin! It's soo pretty, actually he's so good looking When we first started dating, I would do crazy things like hiding in the bathroom to retouch my makeup before bed. All sorts of crazy manouevres so he would never see me without makeup. About a month and a half in he saw me without makeup...and guess what he said? Nothing, nothing at all. He kept complimenting me and telling me I was beautiful. Crazy, huh? It took two months more for me to be able to talk about
  11. Hi Margox, I'm sorry to hear that things have been so rough with your acne I know what that is like. People in my family would always say stuff like: "Oh such a pretty girl, but with such horrible acne" or "What have you been doing lately? Your skin is looking terrible." I understand how hurtful it can be; often, I've realized, they do it out of love and concern for us...although I have to admit, their methods are awkward. Just last weekend, I was at a Gala Ball with my bf, and I took 0 pict
  12. Way to go! It's so great to read about people's positive experiences. I'm 2.5 months in, and I'm already seeing positive results
  13. Stick it out Kody! Accutane takes time, I'm on month 2 and I still am not 100% clear, but I'm improving! Just trust your doctor and your dad!
  14. Um...I experienced a slight IB, but it was gone pretty fast. I'm two months in, and I'm very happy with the results. The difference is very visible.
  15. Hello everybody, I joined this forum, because I recently started taking Accutane and I am looking for support in grappling with its side effects. Here is my story: I am a young woman completing a graduate course in Paris. My struggle with acne began, as it does for many, during puberty. Before I had acne, when I was young, I remember looking at people with acne and being repulsed by their condition. Sometimes I wonder whether my acne has been karma's way of punishing me. However, I digress