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  1. i'm taking vit. A. I'm sure it does SOMETHING.... but it's very subtle... to where I can't tell.
  2. I STARTED on 10% and by the 3rd day... over dryness and redness had gone completely. I've been using 10% for over a year now, with very good results. I've never tried 2.5 so i can't give you a comparison, but i strongly believe that 10% shows better results than 2.5. It's only the over-drying that you have a problem with.
  3. Ok, i know a lot of you (including me) have a problem with very VERY oily skin... and it really does make ur acne worse, at least it does to mine. I'd wake up in the morning and i'd have a new break out and my face would be dripping in oil. Here's what I do to dry my skin out (and potentially stop breakouts). I only do this at night. I put on the bp just as in the regimen. but, instead of putting on moisturizer, I put AHA all over my face. and not just any stuff... this stuff: Walgreens Na
  4. ok, has anyone else tried it on their face though. that's what i'm wondering. I don't want to try it and then it screw up my complexion even more... especially in the middle of the school week. But, if people are reporting good results on their face, then i'll try it. any takers?
  5. yes, please, everyone post your results because i really want to try this too. I mean, oil production is the cause of a lot of people's acne right? so it only makes sense that if you dry ur skin out, then less acne will form.
  6. Do you have any acne at all? If you do, has it been helping it? I'm thinking about trying this because i have very oily skin also, and my skin isn't sensative. Keep posting results.
  7. those would be pastas, white breads, crackers, etc.
  8. it's slowly fading more and more each day. I'd say in about 2 weeks, it'll be completely gone....
  9. well, i'm glad to say that it's gone down all the way as of this morning. i know, it was fast, but hey! i'm happy. that alpha hydroxy acid really works.... i never iced it once. but, there's still a big red mark. how long does it take for that to usually fade? it can't scar, because i never popped it or anything...
  10. thank you for the advice everyone.... last night, i dumped a whole bunch of alpha hydroxy acid over it (along with the bp) and to my amazement, it actually went down a little bit. the diameter of it didn't get smaller, nor did any of the redness fade, but it did get smaller as in how far it comes out. at least it's showing signs of getting smaller.... i dunno bout the shot thing..... i'm gonna try a much less drastic way to handle it. I've been taking advil everyday, and starting tonight i'm
  11. Man o man! It started off small. I tried to pop it but i was unsuccessful. Then it got bigger. (keep in mind, i'm on an acne diet with no sugar, and i do the regimen from this site) now, about 3 days after it first showed up... it's HUGE! almost about the diameter of a penny... maybe a dime. not joking has anyone else experienced something like this, and how long did it last? is there a trick to getting rid of it fast? at first, it was very depressing, but now since it's gotten bigger
  12. my suggestion is eat lots of protein. You really don't have to have a certain diet in mind... just know to eat lots of protein. example... lots of fish, meat, eggs, etc. just remember though... no red meat. that's because of the extra fat that can irritate acne. eggs are a really good example since their fatty. just try to find foods that are fatty but don't irritate acne.
  13. yeah i agree with everything u have said. I could get into detail... but i won't bore u guys.
  14. well i've been on it for about 2 months, and it helped drastically. while i'm not totally clear, i sure am 600% better.