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  1. Stack all the PF treatments. Job done. H&S CC Shampoo, DHS Zinc Shampoo, Nizoral 2% Shampoo, Selsun Selenium Sulphide 2.5 Shampoo, ZNP bar, Mandelic Acid, Oral Keto. Stack 'em all, then say nothing worked for you. If you use them all, be prepared to see your pf completely disappear in 3 days. Use nizoral and H&S, and mandelic Acid for maintenance. Remember to leave the products on for a long time before rinsing.
  2. ffs just take metformin if you care so much about your insulin. Otherwise, just eat what you want, and use a stack to fight the acne. There is no single cure or method to prevent acne - I know everyone says that following a proper regimen will clear you and prevent future acne, but that's a blatant lie. All companies use BP and other anti-bacterials for their acne products. Same old, even DKR. Just a better version than the other companies. But the product which works overral to treat and preven
  3. H&S contains Zinc Pyrithione. Many people feel that the H&S doesn't do much for their acne. But I say you gotta stack it with something else to get better results. H&S will only be good if your acne is very very mild. I had a spot on my cheek. Very tiny, but I could feel it. Ugh, So I squeezed it, and got the sebum completely outta there. But damn, I was left with a red and inflamed pimple which was healing very slowly. What to do? Put on some H&S on the area, let it dry, wash
  4. I didn't even have acne thanks to lactoferrin. Just pityrosporum and clogged pores - which would have become inflamed if it weren't for lactoferrin.
  5. Still struggling with acne? Damnit, I'm all clear. And I don't think I'll be getting acne anytime soon. I use H&S 3 x a day, and nizoral too. Keeps my oil under control, and my acne.
  6. Hyaluronic Acid won't work topically. It's made endogenously by EGF through HAS. Just get a dermastamp and micro-needle.
  7. Clogged pores. Exfoliate with Mandelic Acid - Vivant's one is good I hear. And slow down keratinization with keratolytics.
  8. Woah, I have some serious competition. Some of you guys are strong - natty!
  9. It's also an Anti-Androgen. Which means it reduces the inflammatory response and hyperkeratinization caused by local testosterone conversion to DHT via 5ar1.
  10. Well, what have you tried to treat your acne? More specifically, what you done to prevent your acne?
  11. Why are you people still struggling with acne after all these years? You expect the acne to just go away on its own? How foolish. You wait for the acne to show up, then you start treating it. Why dont you just prevent it in the first place? How hard can it be. Check Sig.
  12. Hyperkeratinization, and tough skin = you need AHA and Keratolytics. Check sig. Use H&S and nizoral as cleanser for small bumps. Use Retin A and Mandelic Acid to fix skin texture.
  13. Epidermal cyst. I got one too. Gotta get it extracted by derm.
  14. It changes your hormones. Prevent the change in hormones and voila, you can avoid the breakout. Normally, sex will not cause you to break out, but you're doing it when the time is not right. Your body isn't ready for sexual stmulation, well it is, but why should you break out then? Fix up your hormones. And keep it moderated.