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  1. I'm just about to start using Rosehip Oil on my face so help with some scarring, my acne is under control now but I'm wondering...would you put it on before applying BP or after?
  2. Well, it has good days and bad days. I keep it pretty basic...proactiv cleanser, toner, proactiv repair lotion (2.5BP) then moisturiser. I've decided to change it up though, after much thought, I'm going to wash with a GENTLE cleanser, then tone, then BP (Benzac AC 5%) then moisturiser. I don't know how much more basic I can keep it, I certainly don't want to just wash my face with just water then moisturiser then go to bed.
  3. Hey all! I'm new to this board! I've been using the Proactiv cleanser for about 6 years now, It's all I've ever known in terms of acne cleansers, same goes with all the Proactiv products. Lately I've been considering making change to see the results so I'm wondering what everyone thinks is the best cleanser out there for acne prone skin that I could try out. I've heard mixed reviews of Cetaphils cleansers. So far my regime is...I cleanse with the proactiv cleanser, then tone, then use their 2.5
  4. Hey guys, this is my first post on here My question is...as someone that likes to cover up with foundations and concealers, I'm constantly making sure the products I use are oil free and non comedogenic, but I have heard about a foundation that EVERYBODY loves and has said hasn't broken them out, that is Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation...which does not claim to be oil free or non comedogenic, so as acne sufferers...does it really matter to make that choice?