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  1. Ohh trust me it is severe, forehead acne, cheek, back, belly, etc.
  2. Well it turns out i didnt get it today but instead he put me on a bunch of other crap, he wants me on it before he puts me on accutane.
  3. Haha you think that is bad??? That is amazing skin bro, be happy.
  4. Well i know all the side effects of it and crap, but what i really need to know is how to deal with them. Like what lip balm to use, do i still wash my face 2x a day, etc. Also, how red will my face get and will i still get white heads every afternoon and in the morning, also can i still weight lift and take protein shakes, will i be heavily depressed, does it mess with diabetes, how much blood do they draw, will my skin be flawless when im done, lol can anyone answer these.
  5. Looks like moles too me, and just skin...
  6. Your skin is sort of like mine, just less severe than mine. Your forehead is worse but my cheeks are worse. I would say accutane, i really would especislly with your forehead.
  7. Yikes! Your skin is pretty stubborn, just like mine. Sort of like no matter what you do, it wont go away right? I really would consider a second course of accutane again, it might really work and stay clear again.
  8. See thats the hard thing, too not do it all the way or even dont do it at all.
  9. Thanks for the support, i hope it really does work. Could you say it made your face flawless? Mostly my acne is my head, shoulders, blackheads on chest, and very light dots on my tummy( only because of sweating).
  10. Sort of just like you, i get red easily and i am paler, but i have Celiac and thats why i was asking because it is linked to Acne and Redness, just google that. But stop wasting money on regimens and just see the derm, if it really gets severe like last time, accutane will only help, its like round 2 i guess you could say. Im currently a freshman in HS and suffer from some what of your story description, so i cant wait untill i get on it, also have a big wesding in june hopefully to get clear by
  11. Oo i do get those ones sometimes, not as severe but still bad. The best thing you can do is just dont touch them at all, and i only really get them after a haircut.
  12. Yes you are pretty and i know how you feel. I have a cute face and muscular body but my acne all over my face and shoulders keep me from looking good. In 2 weeks im going to the doctor to hopefully get prescribed accutane as literally nothing has worked for me, and funny thing was that my acne was clearer during football season when i sweated everyday. It is all over my cheeks, forehead, and back. The only thing that is going to help you is accutane, as i read about a rebound breakout and that s
  13. Haha but see thats the hard thing, extremley hard thing. Any way to try not to, like stop the urge?
  14. I heard that if you dont wack for 2+ weeks it goes away? I wack everynight and right now i have serious acne, would quiting slightly improve it if not all?