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  1. The advantage, I think, for doing subcision this way is that would be a lot faster as opposed to working on each individual scar with a nokar needle, if one has extensive scaring.
  2. Very interesting video from Dr. Joe Niamtu talking about and actually using the "Taylor Liberator" subcision tool. A description of the device is given first and then an actual "field subcision" is performed along with a couple of other cases.
  3. Interesting article from a Dr. Steven Weiner in Florida about Infiniti https://stevenfweinermd.wordpress.com/2014/05/05/coagulation-is-necessary-for-maximum-skin-tightening-science-and-experience-prove-this-infini/
  4. Hi sld123 Just wondering how your doing now. What would say your percentage of improvement is since you had your procedure with Dr. Taylor last summer ? Was it worth the time and money to go through what you went through ? Really looking forward to your response
  5. Here's an excellent video of a Dr. showing and explaining the use of Fraxel Re:pair and Subcision to treat acne scars. When you first see the pictures of the person being treated, it looks like he has no acne scars at all. But then after, the scars are easily seen after being highlighted with harsh lighting to create shadowing so that they can easily be marked with a pen. On average, the Dr. claims a 72% improvement after just one treatment session. See what you guys think.
  6. I contacted this Dr.'s office a while back, and they said said based Dr. Tholen's experience, you can expect a 40-60 % improvement after one treatment and another 10-25 % improvement after doing a 2nd treatment a year later using this type of laser
  7. Very interesting perspective on laser resurfacing from Dr. Richard Tholen on realself.com http://www.realself.com/article/facial-resurffacial-resurfacing-co2-erbiumyag-laser-fractional-lasers-devices
  8. A Dr. Mark Taylor from the Gateway Aesthetic & Laser Centre claims that with his new techique for treating acne scarring, which is essentially subcision with Fraxel Re:pair, he can achieve 80 -100% improvement, most of that in just one session. When you get into the website watch the video at the bottom of the page and see what you think. http://gatewaylasercenter.com/AcneScars.html
  9. When you look at the video you can see how the laser could "slice and dice" and "chop up" scarring...... so to speak, especially at the higher settings.
  10. Magnified view of what the Fraxel Re:pair actually does to the skin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Etr9g66b7fs...feature=related
  11. Hi, Dr Khan has both lasers. He is very experienced in using laser technology. So, to answer your question: I had Fraxel Re:Pair. I found him by looking up doctors on the Fraxel website. It would be interesting to know why he has both of the lasers since they're both fractional CO2 devices. Like what are advantages and disadvantages between the 2 systems and are they that significant that it would warrant the cost of buying a 2nd device. For most Dr.'s buying just 1 machine would probably be
  12. Hi Ernesto. Just wondering if it was the Smartxide laser you had and not the Fraxel Re:Pair, because according to Dr. Khan's website, he has the Smartxide laser, not the Fraxel. Just wondering if you mistakenly thought it was the Fraxel or maybe I went to the wrong website. It is the Harley Street Clinic, isn't it ?
  13. lol, well thank you :)