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  1. Well, for awhile now I've thought my skin was getting better but then I come on here and I see threads where people with flawless skin are getting PUT ON ACCUTANE. wtf. (ok, it was only 1 thread but still.) Super depressing.
  2. Thank you for this! I think I am going to check out Chasteberry. I'm 26 and have NEVER had a regular cycle. Maybe this will help.
  3. Drinking sleepytime tea and sitting here with BP on my biggest problem areas...kinda burns...can't wait to put moisturizer on! At the moment I've got a really big one above my right eyebrow, a papule on my right cheek, a couple that are almost right on top of each other on my chin (that are healing, yay) and one on my left cheek that I thought was going to be a papule like the other one but seems to be growing. Gah! My cheeks were doing nicely and even my HP was fading significantly...now t
  4. How much improvement did the tumeric and raw honey do for your skin and for how long did you use it until you saw a difference? I know that UVrays can cause hyperpigmentation to last longer but how about for the physical scars? I have a bit of scarring (that look like large pores) besides the red spots. Well, at this time last year (roughly) my hyperpigmentation was VERY red. I would say those same spots are now light pink. Of course, I have new ones, but the old ones are light pink. I have a
  5. I have pretty bad hyperpigmentation on my cheeks from a bad breakout over a year ago. The marks have faded significantly because of 3 things: 1) time 2) raw honey and turmeric and 3) because I wear spf every single day. I've only used lemon a couple of times topically. I like drinking lemon juice squeezed into room temperature water in the morning. It's supposed to be cleansing. Good luck fighting those marks! I feel your pain.
  6. I used doxycycline and it worked very well. But you can't keep taking antibiotics forever. I took mine for a couple of months and then stopped and everything came back full force....verrrrryyyyyyy slllloooowwwwllly. Just stay away from 'em. Sorry You say your acne is only mild...that's great. Research this site. There are lots of things you can do to help your skin (vitamins, more fluid intake, etc.)
  7. Neutrogena T-Gel is great for dandruff. You only need to use it once or twice a week. Clear shampoo is also really great and smells nice Good luck, I'm hoping things start getting better. Itchy acne really sucks! I've been there.
  8. This is great! Thanks for sharing BUT....to anyone allergic to Sulfa: you should not consume anything with sulfur. Just a heads up
  9. Woke up early. Sitting here with a honey and turmeric mask on for my red marks. Yay for turmeric! I am taking my second barre class this morning (barre is a ballet, pilates and yoga workout that is really tough but lots of fun). Have a great day everyone!
  10. I've never tried it personally but there are A LOT of reviews on Youtube about the Clarisonic. There are a bunch of different brush heads you can use with it, and I think if you get the wrong type for your skin it can be a disaster. Some are supposedly very gentle while others are not. Most of the reviews you will see are very positive, but dig deep. I think JoshcollierMUA has a good one on youtube. He also has acneic skin. Good luck Let us know if you try it.
  11. Your skin is not bad at all. Please don't call yourself ugly, you're too young to get into that mindset.
  12. What exactly is spiro for? Did your derm prescribe it for you? And what kind of vitamins do you take? (Lots of questions! Sorry) No I usually just get them around my mouth area it's extremely rare if I get them somewhere else my fore head and my cheeks are usually extremely clear. Acne around the mouth can be really painful. I don't know if yours is hormonal or caused by a food intolerance. I also get some acne around my mouth. Recently I've cut down on gluten and it seems to be help
  13. A lot of people thing acne around the mouth is caused by a food allergy/intolerance. Do you have acne anywhere else?
  14. I feel pretty bad about it today. I have so much hyperpigmentation it's ridiculous