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  1. im starting week 2 of dans regimen and this is the third time ive tried it. I would go off it bc of excesseive redness and flaking but now i want to go through with it and just have clear skin for once! since my skin looks like a bumpy lobster right now I want to know a few things you guys do that keep you from thinking about your skin. i think im practically obsessed with my skin ever since i got acne. but now that im on the regimen its worse and the adjustment period is prob going to last 3 we
  2. ive been inside my room for 4 days. i cant even get into the kitchen without my parents complaining that im staying home too much. i stay inside because im so tired of people commenting on my acne ...i just dont want to hear it anymore i dont even want to think about my stupid acne yet people blab on about it and i hate it now i get nagged at at home too..ugh when does it stop..my mom is concerned that i dont have any friends and thats bc i realised all my friends arent really friends they would
  3. i dont know what to do anymore yesterday i was going along with my day just fine at school until i met a girl in the bathroom and she said "omy gawd your breaking out!" its not so much what she said...because now im kind of used to it-but how she said it. her face looked so disgusted-i was wondering how someone could look at human being with such disgust. I felt myself panicking she crushed me in less than a minute. i said "i know" and quickly rushed to another bathroom where i inspected my horr
  4. (looks at me with a disgusted face)- wow your breaking out.....bad! -__- you should buy proactive if you stop eating bacon your pimples will go away hey your face is clearing up, kinda....you still have a lot of pimples. What wrong with your face? you have acne because you eat alot of sugar ...... the list could go on but why torture myself with memories ugh its like these people dont think we know we have acne and they just feel the need to blurt it out:(
  5. to Ilovemesomevanity: haha will do! i do question our friendship alot when things like this happen but unfortunatly most of my friends dont have acne and it just doesnt seem like they understand how much their comments hurt:( ill definantly call him out on it next time its just too painful to stand there and take it. thanks for replying your comment really helped:)
  6. im so tired. i try not to get acne get in the way of my life or my happiness but its hard when people constantly try and remind me. im not the type of person to say a rude comment about a person's appearance because i know first hand the damage that it can do. Nothing hurts worse than words because they stay. My friend all day had been cracking jokes at my face-surprisingly i didn't know why i even told him how sensitive i am about it. Yet, he did it anyways and constantly. So i suck it up, shut
  7. jessica8976

    * softens skin *fades red marks * helps skin heal faster * makes skin glow *makes pimples go down *clears up acne if used regularly *sticky *uncomfortable to sleep in Try it!! nothing makes my skin look better than honey the trick is to leave it on all night just put a towel over your pillow. it might be super uncomfortable to sleep with honey on your face but you'll get dramatic results compared to if you only put it on your face for 15min or a couple hours. it nee