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  1. Hi guys 2 concerns: I failed my blood test this past week!! Low white blood cell count, so I have to get it drawn again Monday to make sure it isn't a serious ongoing thing. Eek. I suppose the drug is sorta attacking my body, so maybe it makes sense... Second thing...Anyone been getting headaches? I've had a few small but sharp nagging ones lately and I never get headaches (unless heavy drinking is involved and it wasn't this time!! I swear! lol). They're pretty annoying, last nearl
  2. What I do that has helped... (still have the urge and occasionally give in mind you)... find a replacement habit that's less damaging. Get a manicure set and make those nails perfect, girl. Or, redirect the obsession to plucking eyebrows (youll always find a straggler). I also have a "rule" that I can pop a zit by applying pressure for 2 seconds. If nothing happens, I stop. You'll feel a little pain, and then remind yourself about what popping does. I guess cold turkey is best, but I fin
  3. This topic makes me feel sexy, haha. Just wanted to say, somewhat oddly, that I would find a guy with acne more attractive. Only because of the shared experience. I would feel less self concious about myself during a bad skin day, or talking about treatments or funny acne related awkward moments that happen. Only people with acne can really laugh with you about things like that. Even people with good skin who accept acne, don't really get the feelings that go along with it. In my experien
  4. Here's what I've found in reading and talking to my derm about it. I'm 3 weeks in to my treatment, and doing well Accutane is meant as a last resort treatment for people who have either really severe acne, or those with mild-moderate persistant acne that hasn't been helped by other treatments and causes scarring (which is me). If you want to be on it, I'm sure you can ask your dermatologist. My doctor told me that she isn't even allowed to prescribe it - it has to come from a dermatolog
  5. I take 20mg adderall and 40mg accutane/day. I told both my doctor and my derm, and both said they wouldn't interact chemically. As for how it makes you feel - that's another story. Definitely let them know. I tend to think anytime you overload the body with a few relatively powerful drugs, your bound to feel some effects with mood. Good luck.
  6. I think mine said the same thing, but my derm said it could be used all over also. The consistency of mine (this was a few years ago mind you) was a gel technically, but it was creamy looking like a lotion and VERY liquid (like dripple of your hand sorta thing). If that sounds like what you have - slather it on all over baby, haha.
  7. Just wanna second that "dont buy the drugstore crap" post. I've wasted a good 100$ trying out different stuff that didn't work well for me at all. GO TO SEPHORA. That store is my savior. Anything that you buy and dont like (yes, even if you open it and use it) they'll take as a return. The products are def more expensive - but youll save money in the end, and get something better out of it. I went a month ago or so and the lady there tried a bunch of stuff with me. I was really pleas
  8. When the 13 year old girl you babysit asks you how well Proactiv works and all you have to do is wave your hand magically over your face. When your only real boyfriend who "loves and accepts you for who you are" asks you to double check with your dermatologist that acne scars are permanent. (to which you ask him whether man-part size is also?)
  9. Hey guys and gals Good to hear everyone seems do be doing pretty well on their treatment, besides some breakouts and moodiness - which honestly, sound like my high school experience haha. Sick-of-her-skin: I wouldn't worry too much about the moodiness, but I would mention it to your derm just so he/she knows. Also, tell your friends you started accutane so that they can keep you grounded, and let you know when it really is your own anxiety/thinking that's making you feel that way. Of cour
  10. My derm didn't say anything about no alcohol, but I definitly have a lower tolerance for it (which is saying something for a lady like me). A lot of posts on here warn against drinking while on it too. I went out this past weekend for a friends birthday, so I planned to skip my dose that night (I get decently flushed/itchy a few hours after taking it so....). But I came home tipsy, ate some Taco Bell and took it anyway. I didn't even have a headache or nausea the next morning - which I comple
  11. Don't do it! I mean, do it! GO ON THE DATE. If you cancel, she will think your not into her... As for me... Feeling creative/erratic. The only thing on my face that really can't be covered is a rather sharp looking zit on my upper lip. It's exactly where you would get the marilyn pearcing... So from far away, it looks like I have a sweet beauty mark. Debating if I'd feel any more insecure about it if I penciled it in black....
  12. That isn't terrible at all. I wouldn't stress I'll take dark red over bright red and oozy any day. Sephora Bisque concealer is amazing. Dab it right on the spot. It won't hurt the healing process either.
  13. ... when my cute co-worker stops our flirting session to ask what's all over my cheek. I should have answered "holes of experience, baby".
  14. 3-5 week breakout Oh no! I hope I avoid that. Still have a week and a half till I'm at that point in my treatment. My skin is more or less like the first two pics you posted on your blog flutterby. Not crazy, but my derm called it moderate cystic acne. I had just mild acne until my early 20s, when it would crop up in pictures. I'm glad to find some fellow ladies and gents at the beginning-ish of their treatment too Not sure what oovoo is, but I'm down with taking the buddy system to
  15. You can use some concealer underneath moisturizer. On skin that isnt flaky, its hard to notice. You want to experiment a bit, applying it with a wet sponge or a brush for example. Liquid is good for that. Or buy the Bare Minerals Bisque concealer. It's a powder, put it RIGHT on the spot, and then put some transluscent powder over your whole face. I know it can be embarassing as a guy to shop for makeup... why not call your local Mary Kay lady. They'll come to your house, so sure - tha