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  1. Try eliminating AHA all together for a bit and see how your skin reacts. At times AHA can make your skin very irritated, especially during the early stages of the regimen. Stick to the first 3 steps religiously and see how your skin reacts. Personally, I still experience redness and I've been doing the regimen for over 3 years.

  2. What is your current regimen? Usually when you step down your BP dosage, you can experience huge breakouts. Also, I know for myself, hormone fluctuations (huge cystic breakouts) or too much alcohol can severely affect how my skin looks (dryness/redness). Try documenting everything you've done since you've been experiencing the breakouts and usually you can find out what the culprit is. It's good to reevaluate your daily activities to see if there is a possible link between it and your breakouts. I would also suggest switching moisturizers depending on the time of year. My skin reacts best to Dan's moisturizer, but during the harsh NY winters, my skin needs a little extra to stay hydrated. Also, don't forget the power of drinking water to stay internally balanced. Hydration from within shows on the outside, so don't underestimate it's power. Best of luck and let us know how it's going... :)

  3. Hello... I'm a long time regimen user, 3 years and counting, and I have had the same type of reaction. What type of products are you using? It may be a reaction to one of the products you're using or part of the purging process. Please be sure to check out the regimen approved products and try not to deviate from the exact regimen steps. With time and consistency, you eventually will have clear skin. Let us know how it's going.

  4. Hi there.... It's not uncommon to have your breakouts return if you don't continuously use the regimen. Unfortunately, some people, like myself, never cease having acne and when the regimen gets us clear, we tend to slack and stop using it. I, like yourself, learned the hard way that the regimen is the only thing that keeps us clear and we'll probably need to continue using it for many years to come. Anyway, have you taken the clear skin assessment? Perhaps you are neglecting a step in the regimen. Also, since you just started the regimen again in the beginning of March, you're only in week 3 and will still experience breakouts. The breakouts will subside but you have to be patient and consistent. Eventually they will subside and you'll have beautiful skin once again. Good luck!

  5. Bare Minerals girl here! It's the only makeup that doesn't break me out whether or not I'm on the regimen... I'd do some research on mineral makeup brands and ask for samples to see what works best for your skin.. There are many great natural and organic makeup lines as well that are also viable options. Just try to stay clear of brands that lists ingredients that are a no no for clear skin... Good luck!! :)

  6. The good thing about restarting is that the adjustment period is shorter and you clear much faster than when you initially began using the regimen. I know from experience. So I'd definitely suggest incorporating AHA a month into restarting the regimen and you should be good from there.. Good luck!

  7. Hey there... It does take time and patience before you see the regimen take full effect. Since you've only been on it for 3 weeks, you are still in the initial stages and may not see much going on as far as your face clearing is concerned. However, you shouldn't be discouraged from the lack of progress. Personally, it took close to five months for my skin to clear completely and I had many ups and downs during that time. My skin did not stop the "purging stage" until I was well into my 16th week of the regimen. Then one day, I stopped breaking out and my hyper-pigmentation began to fade slowly. Just remain vigilant, stay patient, be as gentle as possible, and have faith that the regimen will work for you... Good luck! :)

  8. Just remember to be very gentle to your skin. I also suffer/suffered from cystic acne and the regimen cleared me up nicely. I weened myself off of it for a period of time but unfortunately it came right back. Now I'm back on the regimen and my skin is clearing once again... Just some food for thought... Good luck on whatever path you choose to treat your skin... :)

  9. From my own experience, the regimen is the only thing that has worked on my hormonal acne. It's the only skin care regimen that has worked on my face... So, IMO, the regimen will work wonders on it but you have to be patient and do not deviate from the instructions. When I first began the regimen in 2012, it took close to 5 months for my skin to finally be clear. It progressed and regressed many times before it finally stopped breaking out. I stepped down on it and eventually attempted to ween my skin off of it and I regret it 1000%... Now I've begun doing it once again as a newbie because I was beginning to experience cystic acne. Once a regimen girl, always a regimen girl... :-D

  10. I'm sort of getting this same thing though its my chin and cheeks. My skin isn't all red and irritated but there are a ton of pus filled cysts/pustules. I know you're not supposed to pop them but I'm curious as to how they will actually go away. Will they pop naturally? Will they just gradually decrease in size?

    Also, I made a different thread about wondering if glycolic acid is good for these pus filled nuisances. Anyone know?

    It's best to just leave them alone but if you insist on extracting them, search the site for tips on how to perform extractions as carefully as possible, though I advise against it... AHA, or glycolic acid can help for spot treating pus filled breakouts when they first emerge. However, it's pretty useless (from my personal experience) once they've come to a head... BP is the only thing that worked for them (again, in my personal experience).

  11. That's actually a good sign.. It means that the bacteria is coming to the surface and the medication is working.. .In the meantime, please don't pick at your skin and be as gentle as possible. Be sure to use a gentle cleanser, your facial meds, and a good moisturizer. Everything should work out fine.. Good luck and keep us up to date on your progress.. :)

  12. Yes sun and poor diet can effect breakouts... You should minimize your sun exposure and try a diet of mostly veggies and fruits.. It should help to get the breakouts under control again... Also, be sure that you're being as gentle as possible with your skin and keep hats, wash clothes, clothing as clean as possible... Most important.. HANDS OFF!! It can get easy to be lax with your skin once your clear but being vigilant makes all the difference in the world. Good luck and keep us up to date on your progress... :)