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  1. Hey... Good luck with your progress on the regimen. I can attest to the success of using it to clear your skin... As a veteran member, I feel it's appropriate to offer a kind suggestion regarding how to best utilize the regimen. First, when they say ease into using BP, they really mean it. From first hand experience, I can tell you that if you go gun hoe into using BP at full strength, your skin will pay for it. Try to follow the dosage guideline thoroughly and stick to the application schedule and procedure exactly before deviating from the regimen. You'll be grateful that you did. Also, try not to add any additional variables to the regimen while you still have active breakouts. Allow time for the regimen to work it's magic, then incorporate other enhancements, like honey masks, to your skincare routine, after you've been clear for a while. Finally, as with BP, be sure that you are using AHA sparingly while your skin adjusts to BP. Though you may not see any negative effects now, you may experience them down the line. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of pain. :)