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  1. Jonquil

    Sulphur Soap?

    Been using a sulphur bar soap for almost 4mos. My face is less oily, and I dont get as much pustules as I used to. Side effects for me: dryness/peeling but only on my jaw and chin area, but it's fine once I dab a moisturizer.
  2. Jonquil

    Washing Your Face Only At Night

    I've read that for some people, the more you touch your face the more it gets irritated so I only wash my face at night, too. In the morning I just use washcloth for my eyes and mouth, then gently blot the oily area w/ tissue or oil blotter. Also dont get too stressed out about the little things! Stress causes acne too.
  3. Jonquil

    Philippine Thread!!

    Fellow pinoys, what gamit nyong make-up (if any)? May alam b kyong mineral makeup brands na available dto? (Sorry if this is off topic, can't find a pinoy makeup thread..)
  4. Hi. I've been taking 30mg/day of Roaccutane for 2 months+2 weeks. I would say that my face has cleared 70-80% (I had acne for 9 years, ranging from mild to moderately severe). My dermatologist decided to lower the dose starting next week: 20mg/day. My lab test results were all good though, and the side effects I experienced were only mild (dry lips, dry skin, that's it). Derma said to try the 20mg dose for 2 weeks and if all goes well continue it, otherwise get back to 30mg. A few quest
  5. Following your log -- I'm curious about low dose course since my derma prescribed it to me. May I ask, how much do you weigh? Did you experience initial breakout during your first week/s? And do you have breakouts when you lower the dosage? Thanks.
  6. Jonquil

    My Isotretinoin Claravis Logs

    I'm sorry about the whiteheads, I experienced that too. But mine's gone now (only a few on the side of my cheeks, unlike before they're all over my face) .. I guess we really just have to wait it out, they'll go away after some time. Best of luck!
  7. Jonquil

    My Isotretinoin Claravis Logs

    I'm on my day 27 and currently experiencing this as well ...They showed up around my 2nd week and they're still here. I wish they would go away soon, I'm super conscious of these tiny whiteheads all over my face, and they feel like sandpaper
  8. Thank you for replying. I've never seen so many whiteheads, it freaked me out. And my skin is flaking too. Are you using any moisturizers? My dermatologist didn't recommend it for me.
  9. Hello. This is my first time on Accutane and I'm about to finish week 4. I'm currently on a 30mg/day dosage. I think I'm experiencing the IB phase, and this is the worst my skin has ever looked ... I am so frustrated and depressed, I would really appreciate some advice regarding the following problems: 1. I have a lot of huge (cystic?) acne on my chin/jaw area. A few of them have been around since week 2... I know Accutane pushes out the acne and it should eventually clear up, but I was w
  10. After taking my night dose of Accutane I felt really terrible last night, like I want to puke. I didn't get a good sleep, just tossed and turned on my bed at about 3am, 5am, 6am... I think at one point I woke up with a headache, but still tried to get some sleep. Felt dizzy when I got up. This morning I also felt nauseous after taking my dose. I'm on my 12th day on Accutane and this is the first time I experienced this side effects. Also a little numbness on my hands. Is there something I'
  11. Oh the usual: "what happened to your face?" "you should go to a doctor/take meds" And everytime my mom and i disagree on something, she blames my acne. "you keep doing that, that's why you have acne!". One time I'm rubbing disinfectant alcohol on my hands and when she saw it "are you rubbing alchol on your face? that's why you have acne". ugh