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  1. I had the same problem using deodorant soap. So I stopped it and it faded after...I don't know about a month maybe. What people've been doing wrong is mistaking those red areas for pimples. Putting benzoyl peroxide on that area will only strip your skin and make it worse. So I suggest quitting your regimen and washing with only water after you read this excerpt: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=40303 If that hyperlink doesn't work, the title is: a new light for many of us..
  2. Jan Carlo, it's like you just read my mind and typed every word i thought about. I have figured it out also. Also, Studies have found any amount of stress causes acne(Stress about pimples particularly), not just the oil and dirt. When I was a teen i had acne on my forehead, grew my hair out and then my acne stopped, amazing isn't it. So stop worrying about ur pimples and stop noticing them. PS, Benzoyl peroxide does more harm than good in the long term.
  3. Has anyone ever heard of chloracne? If so... does anyone have any idea how you treat it since the topical treatments don't work?
  4. I had been using a strong antibacterial deodorant soap for 3 months when I was staying in the hills with my cousin who told me to use it, didn't have acne then, but now I noticed when i came back my face is really red and has breakouts especially on cheeks where i been rubbin it most. Also, a doctor is really far away. I've tried most everything. 3 months has gone by and still dry and the same. What should i do