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  1. Thanks. But I disagree - hormones are directly affected by nutrition!
  2. The RDA, which biochemist nutritional scientists call Really Dismal Allowance, doesn't have the amount that humans should be in-taking for optimal health. The RDA is calculated to dose vitamins/minerals at the amount that won't trigger disease symptoms. For example, with vitamin C, the way they make the RDA for it is to calculate a dose that won't manifest scurvy symptoms. And every other vitamin/mineral they do the same thing. It's the extremely bare minimum amount for certain diseases to not s
  3. You're headed in the right direction. I suggest that you supplement some vitamins and minerals, that you can not attain from foods, with the way they are grown in the large scale factory agriculture production farms. I suggest: 50 mg zinc picolinate 3-8 grams vitamin B5 The entire B complex A good multi vitamin-mineral from a health-food store vitamin C 2-5 grams, throughout the day (I recommend powder version, it's cheaper) Ton more you can do, but that would be a good start. Good luc
  4. I buy the 5lb tubs, which last me one month. Everyone is different though, and have different protein per lb requirements. I need more because I lift weights/ strength training.
  5. I don't recommend it. Try eliminating it from your diet for 3 weeks and see how you do. For many people, it promotes acne breakouts. Yes it is. But it doesn't have any lactose. Even many lactose intolerant people can drink whey protein. As for the whey brand I use, I would say it's a good price compared to other grass fed all natural undenatured whey protein. Whey is such an amazing dietary food source, that I think it's well worth the price. http://www.iherb.com/Natural-Factors-Ultimat
  6. Fish oil is a good source of EFA's. However, make sure it's from a reputable source. You can be pretty much be sure that any from super stores like Walmart are toxic. Carlson's for example, is a good brand. =) Yes, it is highly recommended you eliminate processed foods from your diet. Stick to minimally, or even better, zero processed foods. It's ok to blend in some fruits with your greens, but as you get more advanced, you should keep the fruits to vegetable ratio low. Good luck!
  7. @NBury Unfortunately there's no combo pill, except BTT kinda is like a super combo. The extra vitamins/minerals are just what the BTT doesn't have enough of, like zinc 50mg picolinate. Some people freak out having to take so many pills, but vitamin and mineral pills aren't drugs, they're just elements that we need - which we used to get from the soil back when farming maintained their soils through vigorous and tedious soil maintenance and rotation. Modern agriculture, all they add is N-P-K, 3 b
  8. @debrayr I can almost sense from here, it's the yogurt that is breaking out your son! Just my intuition. I would see how he does without any dairy for 3 weeks, with also having him take 40-50mg zinc picolinate and EFA's (cod liver oil). And also making sure he's using a salicylic face wash and toner twice a day to remove oil/debris. @Antonthegreat Acne on the cheeks is indicative that it's diet related acne. Is it rashy type of acne, or singular pimples? Hormonal acne is on the T-Zone (A T f
  9. @debrayr Even all natural organic milk has hormones. Hormones are naturally present in lactating cows, for the baby cow to grow. Yeah, usually it's the food we love and ate all our lives, we have to give up! =( I'd like to refer you to this video: @Nbury That's great! You sound like a motivated individual. My most important advice for you is to figure out which foods you are intolerant to, and it could be anything. You could be juicing a vegetable you think is healthy, but you m
  10. @DebraYR As for blood type diets, I can't comment on that: haven't done any research on that topic. But you hit the nail on the head: "Everyone is different...some people load up on whole grains and feel great...Still, "Eat your veggies!" is good sound advice for anyone even if it is such a mom thing lol. I think ultimately everyone has to find what works best for them, and then stick with it!" The biggest problem for people is listening and understanding the bodies signs and symptoms. Somet
  11. That is a common question people ask: Why do some people eat so bad, yet have clear skin?! Well, it's simple. Everyone breaks down differently. For acne sufferers, we break down in the form of comedones i.e. acne. It may be embarrassing for some people to have acne, but it's actually a blessing in disguise! It is a visible signal for us that something is going out of whack. Unfortunately for other people, their body will break down in different ways, such as diabetes, or heart diseases. Acne is
  12. Hello people, I had moderate-severe acne for 5 years. I am making this post because I want to share the knowledge I attained and maybe hopefully help some people. This is a long post, but I'm sure people who are suffering from acne who are seeking information will give it a read. I know I wish I knew this information when I was younger. Things I tried I have tried so many OTC products. From ProActiv to several other Acne creams I can't even remember... Of course, none of them worked. I also
  13. Hello my brothers and sisters, I've been a long time user of this website, and want to share my success and knowledge with this community. Quick Story of me: I'm 24, I've had acne since I was 18. Acne made me despise leaving my front door and made me anti social. I've since been on a quest of trying to figure out how to clear my acne. I've went from ProActiv to prescription anti-biotics. None of them worked and exacerbated my skin/acne. I've done hundreds of hours of research and dozens o
  14. Sorry for the late response! I recommend taking grounded flaxseed seed, 2-4 tbsp daily, for extra fiber in your diet. Also eating lots of veggies is essential to give your stool mass to be able to pass through the intestines. Nightshade foods, such as peppers, can cause digestive symptoms for some people. Although if you can tolerate peppers, they're a great source of some phytonutrients and other vitamins and trace minerals. No, my skin did not completely clear up over night. Curing acne take
  15. When your body is breaking down, diseases will manifest in different areas. It's like a game of chance. Someone might get arthritis, another person will get diabetes. Acne is pretty much arthritis of the skin, if you will. Acne is NOT the problem, but a symptom. If a tree's fruits are dying, it's the tree's roots, not the fruit. People who neglect their diet all their lives and have clear skin doesn't necessarily mean they're healthy. If you observe the state of most people's health, it's pretty