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  1. I think you answered your own question. You said you splash lukewarm water 9 out of 10 times. Well, you actually have to shower right after your workout man. Sweat ends up dripping after you wash your face, and chances are that you haven't washed thoroughly enough - which causes "traffic" in your pores and a disruption in the skin mechanisms, causing you cystic acne. Try not even splashing water, but actually taking a full shower.
  2. I have naturally oily skin (usually). I noticed that my acne cleared up significantly when I left the oil on my skin as long as it wasn't really excessive - but still to the point where my skin is shiny. One would think that oily skin = oil will clog your pores. Actually, that is not the case when I spoke to my dermatologist and his view has some sense to it. The idea is that the oil is your body's defense mechanism. It is a barrier on the skin and keeps it protected and in order. So wi
  3. Yeah my acne went away when I removed one of my morning products (Clarifoam) and washing since it was causing my skin to be tight and a bit dry. Now, I remain spraying Avene water and later putting on Finacea shortly after. Apparently there is no need to wash in the morning since you have been sleeping and your skin has not been dirtied. The reason for this magical change is because my skin was getting a bit tight when I woke up and put on those products, it over dried my skin. Your ski
  4. You're not wrong but i personally choose to live an healthy life style. I like feeling good, never tired when i wake up and have lots of energy. I pride myself in getting the best out of myself every time i train which requires good nutrition. I have a reward meal every 2 or 3 weeks but it is a strategic refeed. I plan that reward when i am replenishing glycogen stores. This stops my body adapting to a low carb diet and essentially resets everything. There are too many people who go to extreme
  5. I mean, you're only young once. Tomorrow you're a day older. The younger you are, the easier you can get away with junk food - that's really the way I think of it which allows me to eat what I want (sometimes!).
  6. Bang. All the dirt, pollution, and particles that float in the air. Cannot be seen by the naked eye, but the results can be seen on the skin. Why is it that Native Americans living today and the other "nomad-like" people around the world (and over the past centuries) are not / were not affected whatsoever by any skin conditions? Isn't that interesting, huh.
  7. Depends on how good your office really is. My office is phenomenal! I couldn't be happier! They perform extractions which are painful, but do not scar (have been getting extractions for over 1 year) because they know what they are doing. The peels I have done work well also. Most important thing is to know where you are going and how well they know what they are doing. Different office = different results. But yes, if the office seems prosperous and filled with patients, then I think
  8. I understand you. It has also scarred me mentally and physically and continuing to do so. It's very tiring. And it must be a little annoying to explain your situation every time someone asks you a question on here, like me! Well, you could explore hormonal treatment. If I'm right in saying so, you were clear for 3-4 years (I looked), and so perhaps birth control had something to do with your hormones. I'm purely speculating here, I don't know the details. It may even still be the food you are ea
  9. Cured my acne as well with chemical peels at the office. It is not uncommon for those to work. The main reason dermatologists do not recommend or even bring up the idea of these types of peels are because many dermatologists do not offer them. In fact, they are typically performed by an aestheticians at a Plastic Surgeons office. Therefore, dermatologists would lose money!!! I started with Salycilic Acid 10%, then 20%, then 30%, then back to 20%, then different peels from there. One peel
  10. Not sure why people STILL refuse to acknowledge that there is a link between diet and acne. From personal experience, I can easily conclude there is.
  11. Have you went to an aesthetician to have chemical peels and extractions performed? Yes it is expensive, but that is probably one of the only proven ways to treat and contain (not cure, bc there is no cure to acne) most, if not all forms of acne. The downside - it can be very expensive. The beauty of it is that it always works, and it has no long term side effects aside 5 minutes of burning which is worth it. Dermatologists sometimes do not perform these, but offices of plastic surgeons do. Y
  12. My diet is bad i hardly eat vegetables and I do a lot of binge eating. My diet consists of a lot of carbohydrates, i am like 25 pounds overweight but I have tried sticking to a good diet but I break it every time. This is the problem. My acne was 90% due to my diet. I cut out all junks (YES it was very very very difficult, but I couldn't handle it anymore). My skin had probably hundreds of red marks, I mean it destroyed my social life. Once I started eating (and even over eating) broccoli, my
  13. I had what I thought were 3 cysts right on the side of my nose, last year. They ended up staying for a couple of months and nothing worked out. Went for extraction, and boom they came right out. My aestethistician classified them as "Milia"
  14. Don't do it. It is very likely that you will have a permanent indent where the injection took place. There are also other negative side effects that may happen. Your best bet is to ice it and do not touch it. My cysts (now I don't even have acne anymore, my skin is perfect, but I do get the occasional cyst every 3 months) typically do not scar if I do not touch them. But they are annoying as hell.
  15. If you have a good dermatologist, and I mean a good one, then it is possible that by looking at your skin he can prescribe exactly the medication/topicals/pills you should be taking. I happen to have a phenomenal derm He even showed me pictures of hundreds of different types of acnes that each have specific treatments.