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  1. That's a good idea with new untouched purchases, but what about used stuff?
  2. Guys, Here's a conundrum for you. In the process of figuring out what the correct shade of MMU would be - and believe me I've tried many - I have finally found the correct shade - or as near as. But what the heck do I do with all trial and error purchases? It seems like such a waste of money to throw them away, but on the other hand, it is just cluttering up my cupboard. What do you all do? M
  3. Hi, I guess I was a bit premature with my post (!) as I did receive a response from AN, reiterating all that you say. This is my first full order (only ever used samples before), can't wait to compare with EDM, which I'm currently using. And can't wait to try out the other goodies, including the rice powder.
  4. Hi guys, I placed an order with Aubrey Nicole in early April, but have still not received a delivery - I'm based in the UK. I tried to follow this up by emailing AN yesterday, but they have not come back to me. Can anyone tell me whether this kind of delivery time is normal - seems an awful long time, particularly as I have ordered from Everyday Minerals and they are usually very prompt - within ten days. I tried searching for a contact number of AN, but there isn't one as far as I can see???
  5. Recently I've read in a couple of places that silicone (dimethicone, ...basically all the ingrediants which end with cone) as an ingredient in skin and hair products is very unhealthy, but I haven't come across any medical sources which state the same. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks.
  6. Hi, I've heard lots of good things about Alima mineral make-up. I was wondering if anyone in the acne forums had tried it, and what the ingredients were? See this link: http://www.essentialdayspa.com/forum/viewt...hlight=hauschka This is what someone wrote but there are other good reviews: "I've tried EM (intensive) and Alima. Comparatively I got a perfect color match (well as perfect as possible) from Alima. EM is dryer and more cakey - I apply both exactly the same way and same amount but
  7. Thanks again >Sincerely< , I've decided to try EM, I'll let you know how I get on.
  8. Thanks for this, may I ask why you're planning on trying Ocean Mist? What have you heard about them? Also in respect to brushes, where would you buy yours?
  9. Thanks for the extensive list, but now you've really go tme confused. Which of the brands you've used do you like the most and why?
  10. Hi, I've been reading through the many posts on mineral make-up, and I have to say I'm utterly confused. There seem to be so many mineral make-up brands out there, how do I choose? Has anyone carried out a poll on this topic? Some of the mineral make-up brands mentioned in this forum are: (I'm sure there are more) Aubrey Nicole Meow Cosmetics Joppa Minerals Everyday Minerals? Barefaced... Ocean Mist Cosmetics Feel free to add to this list. If anyone has tried and tested these brands
  11. I;ve used half the bottle of this product, and found it a complete waste. It made my skin worse. Since then, I've switched to plain mandelic serum - which is so much better, already after one month of using hte product, my skin is much better. And because I have used this product before (2004-2005) before stupidly experimenting with other products, I know that this product really works long-term.
  12. Hi all, I feel this is an important update. After using half the bottle of Mama Lotion (just once every day), I found that if anything, my skin was simply worse. It seems to me that there are some ingredients in Mama lotion which just don't agree with me. So, about one month ago, I switched to using Mandelic serum 10%, which I have used before, and this is really, really, helping to clear up both live acne, and to fade red marks. I simply cannot understand why skincarerx has so many rave revi