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  1. I notice that too. I think I look okay with yellow-ish lighting. Under white light or the sun, not so much.
  2. Thank you for the kind replies. I don't regret posting here. It feels good to let my feelings out. Hmmm, thinking about it now I guess my friends won't really understand. I guess they'd try, but won't be able to understand how much it makes me feel bad sometimes. It's always different when someone speaks based on experience. Nonetheless I am very thankful that despite how I look they accept me for who I am. some of them even said that they can see beyond the acne, but that was long tim
  3. Hi everyone! I've been lurking here for a while now and even posted once. Hello There are times when I stress over my acne and the acne scars it has brought, and today is one of those times. I started having pimples when I was young. About 10yo, I think? From where I am, people don't seek treatment even if it really gets severe, hoping that it will go away. I guess that's one reason why my parents never sought treatment for me despite all those red angry spots on my face. I was also ignor
  4. I've suffered from acne at such an early age (I remember having a pimple when I was 10) and continue to do so (I'm 21 now) so I've had my fair share of sucky, sucky comments from people. My dad used to tell me that I was prettier than most girls when I was younger but when I started having acne he'd often scold me for not going to sleep early because doing so causes zits. A neighbor of ours told my sister to take good care of her skin so she won't grow up to be like me (obviously referring