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  1. Like BA said - I actually had these exact same scars and mine are 75% improved so far. What worked me me was 3x subcision, 3x infini RF and I'm now starting to do my TCA peels for final texture correction. I think I will be able to get 90%+ improvement and so should you.
  2. these are actually pretty easy to fix 2x to 3x subcision will give you 60% improvement 2x infini rf will give you another 20% improvement TCA peel at a high percent (30%) will give you another 10% if you're budget concious just do more subcisions or use microneedling instead of Infini. NOT EVERYBODY IS GOING TO GET 90% IMPROVEMENT from this. If yours are more severe you might need more treatments. Don't go crazy and get obsessed with your scars.
  3. I would get a series of 3 or 4 Infini RF to break up those box scars and soften them up. I would follow it up with TCA peels - start light and work your way up to 30%. Any of the tiny box scars or ice picks you can treat with 70-100% TCA.
  4. You should TCA cross these. I had one identical on my temple and after TCA cross 2x, it has lifted it 50% and I can see the bottom of it clearly. Another 2x treatments and it should be flat with the rest of the skin.
  5. Geetha - start a thread, post your pictures - people will give you advice on what will work best for your scars
  6. You should see a therapist like BeautifulAmbition said. I'm almost 30 years old and I suffered with scars all my life and despite it not impacting my dating life, it has impacted my self esteem in other ways. It's good to go talk to somebody, it will make a huge difference in the quality of your life. To answer your question - you have a good bone structure and you have good features. Some girls will not mind the scars, but some will. Depends on the type of girl that you are going for - the mo
  7. Yes - please use sunscreen religiously so you do not get permanent hyperpigmentation on the treated areas. I recommend EltaMD sunscreen - can be found on amazon for around $25
  8. those are ice picks and boxcar scars.. I would start by treating them with TCA cross procedure - you use a toothpick in 50%-70% TCA acid (for your skin tone).. not sure if you can safely use 100% TCA try 1 or 2 scars at a time to make sure your skin heals properly (give it 4-6 weeks) before you do a full session 3-4 sessions will clear up the majority of those.. healing time is substantial though (expect 7-10 days until all the scabs fall off completely)
  9. if these were my scars, I would do the following: 1. subcision + filler/suction (maybe 2 or 3 sessions) 2. microneedling (5-6 sessions) or infini RF (2-3 sessions) if you want to speed things up and have some cash to spare 3. tca crosses (3 or 4) with 50% TCA in your case due to darker skin tone (but please test one or two spots first to make sure you heal properly)
  10. I'm not a doctor but I would really try to treat the IBS or manage your diet/food allergies/stress so you potentially avoid the steroids. I have had much worse scars than you do and it has not stopped me from having success with dating. Your style, confidence, physical fitness and personality are equally important as your skin. Having said that, I would try to limit future scars and correct the scars that you do have. I think subcision & needling would be good starting points. Subcision
  11. 6 months, 2mm, copper/zinc/vitamin a/e/c - the whole shizam. once a month, every month for 6 months. nothing noticable, just minor improvements
  12. I had really bad acne scaring when I was younger. I did 20x microdermabrassion treatments and I also did derma-rolling. They reduced the redness, but it's been 5 years since I had acne and I still have scars. I am wondering if it's worth getting some higher, more expensive surgery for my scars. I wonder if my acne scars are a limiting factor in terms of being attractive. I'd really appreciate some advice.
  13. I've been curious about these since they are somewhat permanent (at least 10 years)..
  14. I bought a Dr. Roller 1.5mm roller. If I use it tonight, will I be able to go out tomorrow to a birthday party? What does the skin look like the day after using a 1.5mm roller?